Cebu Pacific Airservice/policy

I bought a ticket from mnl to Singapore that was yesterday may 4 2017. Unfortunately I was offloaded. I know its not the airline fault. But cebu pacific needs to have consideration regarding on this matter. I was trying to rebook my ticket the day after my flight. And i was surprised because they are very inconsiderate. They let me wait for how many hours waiting up until the tickets gets higher and higher! They asked me to go here go there! Ofcourse as a passenger and an excited traveler going to your destination you will follow whats the instructions are. However the staff was very inconsiderate knowing that i want the same flight as my original flight. So the flight goes up to 22000 . Well you should have to refund because its not my fault not to take my flight on that day! I'm really upset and frustrated.

Cebu Pacific Air
Cebu Pacific Air

May 05, 2017

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