Cebu Pacific Aircheck-in counter staff at caticlan airport

I would like to make a complaint which happened today at 11:30 am at Caticlan airport at the check in counter,

staff namely :

It was my first time in a long time to ride cebu pacific so I was told that I needed to pay some money to check in my 2 bags worth 10 kilos each, I paid for 3 tickets. We were 3 passengers together.

I didn't know that any baggage check in has to be paid for separately, and no standard allotment for that.

obviously traveling to another place, I have things, my bag is not heavier than 10 kilos. I understand now that this is your policy but what was difficult was that I told the staff I really wanted to try to transfer some things into my hand carry, so I don't need to pay price for checking in 2 bags. However, one of the staff was insistent Ms. April Joy that it won't work out. I said I just wanted to do that... I don't think its her money to decide, or her things to decide for me...

I was almost in tears because she was dictating to me harshly what I should do. I finally told her
MS THERE IS NO HARM IN TRYING I WOULD RATHER PAY 784 THAN 1500. She still didn't stop talking, and forcing me.

I suffered mental stress and anxiety and almost lost consciousness.
She also insisted that I pay in cash not use my card. Why so, is there corruption at the airport staff check in counter...??
that is why I made sure to ask for a receipt.

After I moved some things, the heavy stuff inside my bag were our wet clothes from the beach and i said ill just carry this, she said no maam its okay you can put it in the bag... but I didn't, because I'd like to follow rules its good that the airplane didn't smell bad. I just think a little consideration will be nice for everyone.

Your staff are rude and not understanding... I had to hand carry my wet garments which was only 2 kilos in excess in that one bag. And then she also said don't put it in the suitcase which you are taking to the flight with you... because that has to only be exactly 7 kilos? What a real sad, horrible human being.

so I had to carry the plastic bag, but whether we carried it in the plastic bag or in the suitcase, how does it matter? its both in hand carry. She is so terrible as a perSON

May 14, 2017

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