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Cayman Airways / Terrible Customer Service

1 Miami, FL, United States

On Tuesday, July 21, my American Airlines flight from Miami to Grand Cayman was canceled. My flight companion and I got in touch with AA and they kindly booked us a ticket with Cayman Airways just hours later - the only other flight to Cayman that evening. We hurried to the Cayman Airways terminal to grab our tickets and check our bag, and the attendant immediately started laying into us before we could so much as walk up to the window and say our names. She refused to take our bags and let us on the plane even though we had a reservation and were there before the window closed. This complaint is less about the fact that she wouldn't let us on and more about her attitude. I can understand if she was simply doing her job, but she spoke to us - more like yelled - in the most unprofessional manner. She jabbed her finger in our faces, cut us off as we calmly tried to tell her that we had tickets for the flight, and didn't even give us a chance to explain our situation. She threw her hands in the air and stormed away. Mind you, she let the couple before us get on the plane.

We stepped away and started making phone calls, only to look over and see her letting two other people who were in line with us - BEHIND us - get on the plane. I asked one, to confirm, if she was really getting on and she said yes. So, I asked the desk attendant what her name was and she shouted that she wasn't going to say her name loudly across the room (only after ignoring me the first three times I asked)... so I stood directly in front of her and asked her name. 'Beverly' she responds, without looking away from her computer. I said 'I thought the window was closed, why did you just let those two women get on the plane?'

She seriously had the audacity to shout 'WHAT WOMEN? I DIDN'T LET ANYONE"

Um, really? Because those two people are getting access to the gate as we speak, and they were standing in line with us.

She continued to argue with me and I went on to tell her that not only was she preventing us from getting on the flight but she was being incredibly rude about it. She denied the fact that she was being rude, and when I countered, saying that she was impolite and yelled at us from the moment we walked in her direction, she said 'you have no idea what I have been through today, everyone is giving me problems because American Airlines canceled their flight..."

I said, "I don't care what OTHER people are doing, it has nothing to do with us. You were rude before we could even give you our names so you could look up our records! You've been yelling since we walked into your line!"

It takes a LOT for me to get confrontational, and I can tell you that this was easily the most unprofessional and rude representative that I have ever experienced in any type of customer service situation. Not only will I avoid flying with Cayman Airways because of Beverly, but I plan to make sure that her name is plastered on any complaint forum that I can get my hands on. Her behavior was so shocking and inappropriate - she is the last person that should be a face for ANY company. SO RUDE.

REP: Beverly
LOCATION: Miami International Airport
AIRLINE: Cayman Airways
DATE: July 21, 2015 around 8:30PM

Jul 28, 2015

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