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My problems with Casio!!

Casio really sucks!! .. I am still waiting for Mandy or Gus to call me back about my refund ... I had a problem with my Exilim ~EX-S10 camera which I loved ... the camera was not even a year old. Since I lived close to the office I took it in myself and they said they fixed the problem, when I got the camera back it had the same problem, so I took it back again. They replaced it with a reconditioned camera !!! Guess what 3 weeks later there was no image... sent the camera back of course it was now out of warranty, according to them~ lucky me !! They said the camera must have been dropped, which did not happen at all ~~ They offered to fix it or I could do an upgrade~~~ ohhh but I have to pay for it!! ~~~ I said no. I feel I was given a defective camera. They insisted no. Ok I decided to pay for the replacement (UPGRADE!!) camera. Now they no longer have the EX-S10~~ WOW!!~~ what does that tell you ... problems with this camera ... HMMMMMMM, makes you wonder. I am a fair person so I went for the upgrade, ohhhhhhh what a night mare. I put out $298.53 ~~I got the camera December 23 2009, the EX fh 20 ~ utter crap the camera never worked it had problems .. Yes!! you guessed it, it was RECONDITIONED~~~ I drove to the office on December 30th 2009 TO EXCHANGE IT ... Now they said they could not do an exchange ... " Leave it for repair " I told them NO WAY ~I was very disappointed and I wanted a refund I did not want the camera I have just had it with Casio, I really wanted nothing more to do with them or their product, I had just had enough.
I have a lot of patience~ I sat in the lobby for about an hour .. Spoke to 2 people in management names mentioned above and was told the person who approves refunds was out of the office and I would get a call January 2nd 2010. Never got the call.. I called January 7th 2010 was told I would get my refund by January 12th 2010 … called again Jan 21st 2010, call again February 2nd 2010 still no refund ... I have no camera Casio has my money and they are not working with me. I am about to loose it and Casio will be sorry. They have no Idea. I was told Gus would call me Thursday 4th or Friday 5th of last week, of course I got no call. Something has to be done about how Casio treats their customers. I would not recommend Casio cameras to anyone. I want MY MONEY BACK.

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