Casey’s General Storespayroll problems/second assistant attitude and behavior unprofessional

will be calling soon.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Mountain Grove, MOto long to write out but I am having problems with management (supposed second assistant) has a very bad attitude and has been rude to customers so much so that there has been many complaints on her in the past year that I have been employed there and now they are boycotting our store 1497, Mountain Grove, Missouri 65711 when she works she has messed up my pay by rearranging my dashboard and not putting in my correct info for my tax s and for my vacation pay. since Jan of this year.
Conditions are very bad and she has been derogatory to customers and employees. NAME Jessica Short..
I have tried to go thru channels and chain of command but am getting now where and being punished by my hours being cut and shifts ..Positions are closed to me because of no action taken on managements part. I am Stalled and have no one to handle this locally

May 15, 2017

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