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Casey's General Store / exchanging a propane cylinder

1 Syracuse, NE, United States
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I went into CASEY'S in Syracuse Ne. March 15th 2017 shortly after 6:30 pm, to exchange a propane cylinder. When I arrived there was only one other customer in the entire CASEY'S property and they were fueling their vehicle at the time. I walked inside and noticed the person running the cashier station was inside the store office reading something. I then observed that two other employees were also there working in the kitchen conversing with each other. I then begin to wait 30 to 45 seconds before the cashier even noticed​ that I was standing at the counter waiting for service. When the cashier finally looked up from whatever she was reading in full view of me, and noticed that I was standing there nearly a minute has passed. the cashier slowly got up from her seat and approached the counter never offering​ a greeting eye contact or acknowledging that I have been waiting. The cashier looking inconvenienced walked towards me slowly and without purpose. I asked for two packs of cigarettes and waited until she had acquired those two items, I then I asked her for a propane cylinder exchange, which at that point she was visibly annoyed by the request rolling her eyes and appearing uncooperative, at that point I continued the transaction paying for my two packs of cigarettes and the propane exchange with cash. She took my money and gave me my change back. At this point a customer walked in behind me, I'm unsure if it was the vehicle that was fueling at the time that I initially arrived or another customer. The cashier again, seemingly annoyed by my request for an exchange told me she would be with me in a minute, I proceeded to my vehicle to sit inside and wait for her to come out to exchange my cylinder. she then began to ring out the customer that came in directly behind me. and during this time another customer arrived and entered the store. and the cashier proceeded to assist that customer. while making me wait outside the store. The entire time I was sitting in front of the store in full view of the cashier, and the kitchen employees. still conversing. Watching her the cashier moving as slowly​ as possible to help the second customer that came in, again after my purchase and another customers purchase. While I'm watching and waiting for at least 4 to 5 minutes a third customer pulled next to me parked and entered the store. At this point I was frustrated to say the least. Having food on the grill for my family waiting for a new propane tank. I then entered the store again. To make sure the cashier was not going to help the Third customer as she was in the process of beginning to do so over me. The cashier made no eye contact with me still looking annoyed knowing that I was standing there. She then stated to me! that she would be right with me. I then said to her you have other employees in the store can't they run the cash register or come get my propane tank? she then proceeded to tell me it was "not their job" they were the kitchen staff and "I would have to wait for her"! This is not my first propane exchange with Casey's General Store in Syracuse
I have done this many times, for many years And the cashiers I've worked with previously at this location, have had one of the kitchen members come and run the cashier station while they the cashiers assist me with the propane exchange but this employeervc was unwilling to do that because she was going to be inconvenienced to have to help me as a customer. I've seen a lot of employees come and go from this location in 15 years and for a new employee to treat a customer of​ 15 years like she can't be botherd to do her job is a disservice and disgrace to your brand. there are plenty of other stores in Syracuse that sell and or exchange propane tanks I.E. Love's truck stop/ BP/ Farmers coop/ Dollar general. That I will be patornizing from this point forward. And as long as that employee is working I will take mine and my family's business elsewhere...

Mar 16, 2017

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