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Portogallo, Italy

I rent a car with Ryanair from porto to lisbona, until 24 to 31 october and i payd from my card Also an insurance. I cant rent the car because my card is prepaid but Ryanair site take this money so it's a frode. I ask for cancell the reservation to customare care in porto (because the car company saudita to me to go upstairs), i wait more than 1 hour and a worker says that she cant help me because customare care is only for the flight and she give me a number to call and i wait more than 15 minutes. When someone answer me it Was too late to refuse my money not for my faute but because i lost time in waiting someone helping me how cancel reservation of the car. So i want back my money please, untill i go to the judge.

Oct 24, 2018

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