CarTrawlercar rental cancelation with no refund after 2 months

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Travel Date: Aug 28
Canceled Rental: July 31 (well within limits)

I still haven't received a refund 2 months later. First I was told 10 days. I submitted a request at the 10 day mark. Then I was told 37 hours. At the 37 hour mark, I was told my refund would be processed within 10 days. At that 10 day mark, I was sent an email asking for my bank account routing number and account so they could refund me. This is shady. If I reserved a car with a credit card, the refund should be processed on said credit card. I explained that I don't want to give them my banking information. They told me to speak to my bank as that's the only option. I provided the banking info as requested and got a reply that I didn't include the IBAN. US Banks don't have IBANs. This company is the worst! They are causing so much grief over a simple refund for a car that was never used. I've asked them to use the CC on file. They said they can't. I've asked them to send me a check, use PayPal, anything. I get nowhere. They keep closing my case and reopening it with every reply. What kind of people am I dealing with?! Steer clear.


Oct 01, 2018
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  • Ra
      Nov 27, 2018

    Booking Ref: ZA421324670 This is the most doggy company I have ever come across, very in efficient and full of empty promises, I rented a car through them with Hertz car rental, they claim to have paid Hertz but the car rental have CANCELLED the rental. Cartrawler claim to settle my dispute by paying R520.00. they NEVER incurred any expense because the rental was cancelled. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY MONEY??????????

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