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New York, NY, United States
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Phone: +1 (800) 227-8437

I submitted an order with engraving on this last Wednesday March 17 2014 for 2 day express delivery by Simone! At no time did she say this order may not make it by Friday! This was a birthday gift and I made reservations for a family party knowing this gift was going to be delivered Friday the 19th, I received an email to check my order with details saying I would receive the package Friday. I called fedex Friday simply making sure the package would arrive, fedex said it wouldn't arrive until Monday! I called Cartier and spoke with Jonathon, all I got was how nobody at Cartier could be accountable for anything. I called fedex back asking if I could pick up the package Saturday, all I got was lame excuses. I called Cartier back and asked to speak with a supervisor, I spoke with Mona and was told she would call me back Friday if the package was going to be delivered to me by Saturday which was already late. I did everything according to Simone so the package would be delivered by Friday. I've been an outstanding loyal customer to Cartier since 1987 when I was 18, I am now 45. The only time it counted I was let down. I have not even touched on how I was spoken to by Simone! My only words are unprofessional with no accountability for her actions! Jonathon was equally as bad! I have made purchases in Cartier Boutiques around the world and never received this kind of service, never was I lied to when I was face to face by a rep. The Cartier website and it's flaws should have prepared me for the kind of customer service I was going to receive when I called! The website messed up from the start that's why I had to call Simone who spoke down to me as though she was doing me a favor the entire time. Cartier needs to go above and beyond on this one.


Mar 22, 2014

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