Carrs-Safeway / pedophile bagger

Wasilla, AK, United States
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As i was checking out with my daughter, who is a 9 month old baby. An old man bagger was talking to me, making small talk. as i looked away putting my groceries up to be scanned, i looked back at the cart and my daughter was making goos and little noises at him, he looked at me and said "That thing was flirting with me" I felt completely disgusted and i did not think it was funny, or at all okay to joke like that. Referring to my daughter as a "thing" I personally will not be shopping there until i am positive that creep does not work there. He was an older man 50-60's. I could not believe my ears that he thought that was funny. Not to mention he was complaining about how many groceries i had bought and how he didn't know how to fit it into my cart.

Jul 30, 2016

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