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last night at carrefour mall of the emirates, im so disappointed and feeling critize by the cashier name ramesh chauhan counter 13 i was brought a 2pcs arwa water banana and crab salad and fillet with onion smoke fish, cashier told me ohh where is the other bottle of your water since it was still in the plastic i said ohh sorry i used the plastic as a handle, so i ddnt take off the plastic cashier told me i thought u drink the rest, i said how i wish i was that fast drinker and smile i take it as a joke, so he scan the item for payment then the smoke fish bar code isnt clear and the scanner couldnt read it, he tried to read but he couldnt as well then he turned the item to me, and said i couldnt read " can you read it!? " with a sacastic tone of voice, i said im sorry i couldnt..he couldnt read it its always a barcode that he always encounterd all the time, why he ask me to read it when even the machine or him cant read it, how could i either. so what he did next told me u can go back inside and bring me another one! the other items was punch already so i asked him so what should i do, he told me pay first this items..whats on my mind that time was it would kill my time again going back inside and go back to the line to pay again i said its ok i will not take it..the bill was only 35.60 he told me if you have coins i need a coins i said ok!! i gave him 30 bill and 6 coin. when he was took the money he keep on saying 35 and!? i said i gave u 36 why he didnt check properly the place where he took the coins before keep on telling me and!? it was there only.. while im walking i tried to let it pass but it hurts me and made me so upset so i came back to make sure what counter it was and ask one of the helper to talk to a manager the helper told me u can go to the customer service i made the complaint it was hurt to feel like being cretize i was thinking that moment if i am american or white would he do that to me!? if i am local would he do the same!? to ask me to go back inside and bring a new item and pay the other item!? im thinking even a small grocery store there is someone they can ask to assist them to get a new item! i am a customer and is this a service that a big grocery store can provide with a poor atittude and sarcastic people working with them!? this is my first complain ever since im working in customer service as well!? i know how hard it is but, even we are tired we are not in the mood we shouldnt feel our customer being served with poor atittude or treatened unprofessional.. learn how to use proper verbage and facial expression is my advice i would be satisfied until i can share this to carrefour mall of the emirates

Jun 20, 2016
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  • Se
      Jun 28, 2016

    My name is Emilia Sereno phone no. 050 5652032. Today I experienced a bad customer service in your front desk in Dubai Diera city centre Carrefour UAE. It seems the staff are not trained how to handle customer complaints. I bought a platform trolley just 4 days back, which I intended to just exchange it since it is dented, i requested to exchange it with the same item without dents, but instead, they wanted to refund it instead of just exchanging it. One man is pretending to be the manager, but actually he is not really the floor manager that says, to refund or to exchange is based on his decision which I believed is not inline with the company procedures. We wasted our time in bringing the dented item and just spending more than an hour finding somebody who can properly assists us but to no avail. They are pretending that they are looking for the dept manager but nobody came forward, the same with supervisor, and etc. and later on they just ignore us and we left the store completely disappointed.

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  • No
      Aug 17, 2017

    The Manager - Shindahga branch,
    I am a frequent shopper at Shindahga Carrefore since many years and also myclub member as well as NAJM card holder. Today, I had a very bad experience with one of your Supervisor, Mr.Shameel - A lean Dark Man(identification given in case the spelling of the name is incorrect). I asked a simple query to him. Did Carrefore change the system of coupons?. Previously - I use to activate my coupon in my mobile and Automatically while purchasing the points get added without scanning the coupons. But now since a month - the system had changed - now we have to activate the coupons in the mobile as well as scan the same. When I was explaining to him, he Instead of being gentle, he was very harsh and arguing that it was my mistake. Again I asked him - have the system changed - again with wildness - he argued that it is my mistake. I told him that I do not understand as to why he is behaving in this way. He was still harsher and starting arguing without giving me any reply about my query. The first time I felt a kind of sad because I use to tell my friends highly about Carrefour and suddenly my loyalty towards Carrefour became questionable within myself. I still feel very sad whenever I recollect Mr.Shameel's behaviour towards a customer. After reminding about his behaviour I thought he will apologise but to my surprise, he was repeatedly harshly saying "IT WAS MY MISTAKE". I feel that your management would give some training as to how to behave with the customers.
    Regards - NOBLE SOANS -0554459158

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  • Os
      Jun 12, 2018

    Last week I ordered at Carrefour online an iPhone 6 +free smartwatch. The next day I received the iPhone with missing item which was free smartwatch, I had to call their customer service and complain about the missing item and was informed that it will be delivered to me which I felt very disappointed since I'm going to give this as a gift if I haven't checked it I wouldn't know that there was a missing item. Just a couple of minutes today I received the smartwatch and to my shock they gave me an item that was damaged and rusty and again I felt disappointed with this store. Carrefour should have the items quality checked before sending it to the customer.

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  • Gw
      Oct 08, 2018

    I am very disappointed to see how bad Carrefour Online UAE is. I am ordering an item, and the system refuses my card telling me it is my bank/my card...when I call my bank, they told me it was actually the Merchant who is always refusing the transaction, not them ! I tried different cards from different banks, they all tell me the same thing.
    Then I tried to post a message to complain on their e-commerce webpage...and of course the system does not want to register my complaint, and keeps telling me there is an error in filling out the form (does not point out which one, too !). This online e-commerce website is clearly not working.

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  • Ju
      Jan 14, 2019

    Delayed Delivery Poor Customer Service
    I am really dissappointed on how bad your customer service was! It seems that no one cares to informed me about the delay of the delivery that is supposed to be today. No one even call me the whole day?!?! If I did not call your callcenter and carrefour burjuman# “who’s pointing fingers why no one informed me about the delay” I will not even know that I’m expecting for nothing. Now I want my tv to be delivered to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ON MY CONVENIENT TIME!. Check the reference number 1058293.

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  • Po
      Mar 07, 2019

    Horrendous, stupid, do NOT listen, unhelpful... In a nutshell

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