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United Arab Emirates

Me & my husband went to Carrefour to buy a washing there was a good deal and I had a Touch Point vocher from ADCB, if not I wouldn't go there. As we bought the rest of the appliances from Ansar Gallery and they were so accurate on the delivery. We ordered the Samsung washing machine at 21.48 on 12/05/2017..we wanted to be very specific on the delivery as my husband had a flight at 12nn...ideally the w.machine was supposed to be delivered on the 14/05/2017, 3 calls during tge day to the call centre..everyone saying's the delivery people's fault and they are updating the system...bla bla husband had to stay home the entire day yester and today he has a flight...which he might have to cancel as there is noone else at home...he is travelling to get our kids and mom to Dubai...and it was very important that this washing machine was installed before they arrive. Very disappointing from one of the leading companies and for sure we will not purchase anything else in future...How could the Carrefour not have the numbers of the delivery companies or drivers etc...there is no point in pytting the blame on them...if a date is promised to the shouldnbe delivered...if not, do not mention a accurate date of delivery


May 15, 2017

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