Carrefour / parking service

Dear Support,
First of all let me introduce myself, Maria Koupaly 28 years old. A loyal card holder at Carrefour and my phone number is +[protected]
I am writing because I parked tonight at carrefour and I have spent 1 hour at the supermarket; the purchase was 188000 LBP.but instead of getting rewarded with a free parking, I have paid 7000 LBP since I've lost my parking ticket in the supermarket. I went to the customer service desk to ask for any help and they told me that they can do nothing, all I have to do is to pay the loss amount which is 7000 LBP. I have showed them the receipt and asked for a discount of 2000 LBP since it's the amount paid by the supermarket for the first two hours spent there, because I found it fair to pay 5000 LBP instead of 7000 since I am a loyal customer at Carrefour. But Mostafa did not accept neither he called the Manager who was rude as well. I'm not a kind of person who go online and give a bad review without at least explain to the customer service my point of view. You should be more flexible with your customers to keep them.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want any other info needed.
Thank you and Regards

May 31, 2018

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