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id60c2ks electric cooker
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Indesit - id60c2ks electric cooker

The appliance was purchased in May 2020 from Hughes. After about 16 months the paint on the oven door bubbled and started peeling. I contacted Indesit and thought even though the product is over 12...

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Indesit - Plita incorporabila Indesit PAA 642 IX I EE, Gaz, 4 Arzatoare, Aprindere electrica, Inox

I have bought this product on 16.11.2018, delivered on 06.12.2018.The warranty of 2 years has expired.Still the product is full of rust, but they say it is made of stainless steel!
How can it be possible to be rusty stainless steel?!? I have noticed the rusty spots only a few months ago(5-6 months).
I never used products to clean it, only dishwashing gel and a very smooth sponge.Customer service didn't want to help because the warranty period has expired.Still, i have many stainless steel pots and they are not rusted in 10 years but the stove is rusted.
I don't agree with the lies, it says made of stainless steel but it is made of iron coated with something.I have bought it from Emag Romania.
My email adress is [protected]

Desired outcome: I woul like to get my money back because the quality is very poor.

Indesit - Washing machine

I brought the washing last feb 12, 2021 and they delivered by feb. 16, 2022... A used it for a less than a month... The parts inside the spiner was broken... Take note.. I used it for a less than a month.. They told me it is good quality... Buy it is not... It is very hard to talk the service center they told me that I need to w8 for 48 hrs.. And they only have 1 technician in abu dhabi branch... It is so sad to trust the product that was not be trusted... I wrote this to give alert to anyone who has plan to buy indesit product. Q

Desired outcome: Less than 1 month used only

Indesit - Indesit aria ifw62301x electric cooker.

Dear sir or madam I am writing to complain about the quality of the electric oven I acquired on the 12/10/2019 which was a indesit aria ifw62301x model from AO, The oven looked very nice considering...

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Indesit - Gas cooker misrepresented & emitting carbon monoxide

This the second time i am contacting indesit. The first was made on october 16 the first went without acknowledgement or reply. i did not buy this in unit uk but in portugal. the portuguese dont...

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Indesit - 16gg1f (x)/p

On January 31 2019 I purchased an Indesit gas cooker from Conforama in Olhao Portugal. Almost immediately we noticed that there was no effective control for the oven flame. It was either off or ON...

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Indesit - xwe 81283

I have checked as much as I can and have determined as follows: 1. There is power entering the machine. It enters into the capacitor, to the electronic controller at the rear bottom of the machine...

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Indesit - warranty on washing machine

I purchased a washing machine from appliances delivered November 2018. I bought a two year extended warranty. This company has since closed but they assured customers that all warranties would be honoured by the manufacturer. I called and was directed to domestic and general who told me the warranty was cancelled. I called back to whirlpool and was told it would be a charged callout. I already asked three engineers and he said it sounded like a bearing was gone, I paid one to come out to tell me that. They all agreed.

Indesit - cooking range

Our 5 burner cooking range (model no I95TICXEX 90/60) has an issue with ignition on the centre burner. When pushing, holding and turning the knob, the burner ignites but soon the flame goes off when...

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Indesit - dryer water pump machine

I has use indensit dryer machine 2, 1/2 year but now I face the problem is, while I start the machine to dry up my clothes, machine start about 5minute it auto warning pls check water /filter. But when I take out the water tank, it is dry. And I have try more than 6times, same problem it show. Can pls send mechanical to check. I also try to contact [protected], but fail! Waiting your reply.
And have a nice day

Thank you

Indesit - dishwasher

Do you have a service centre or you use some third party to repair dishwasher, I believe my dishwasher has some problem with ON - OFF switch which is not working properly.
Our Model is IDL 500
We are in Lucknow- India
Your quick reply to provide assistance will be highly appreciated.
Best regards
Mobile # [protected]
Email- [protected]

Update by Mohammad Aijaz
Sep 03, 2019

Do you have a service centre or you use some third party to repair dishwasher, I believe my dishwasher has some problem with ON - OFF switch which is not working properly.
Our Model is IDL 500
We are in Lucknow- India
Your quick reply to provide assistance will be highly appreciated.
Best regards
Mobile # [protected]
Email- [email protected]


Indesit - washing machine

Hi, the technical representative was sent to my home a month back to examine the washing machine and was supposed to follow up with repair, but has not returned until now. The faulty part wa...

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Indesit - dishwasher idl 50

I have had an indesit dishwasher idl50 and within 18 months I had to replace the front fascia where the plastic handle to open the dishwasher had cracked. Now less than 12 months later the same fault means that I now need to replace this fascia yet again! The dishwasher itself is working as it should be but the additional cost of the fascia is absolutely not on. I feel I have been burdened with an obvious design fault. I would appreciate your comments and would like to know what response you might have to a very disgruntled customer.

Indesit - gas stove - need repairs

I have bought the indesit cooking range, but while moving houses the tempered glass on the oven door was shattered. I want to replace it. Please let me know where I can go to get this done and how it can be replaced. I have bought the product 4 years back.
I have been trying to get through on your service center contact numbers but with no success.


Dubai - uae

Indesit - gas hob

I want to bring your attention to an incident happened to me today after purchasing a product from carrefour deire, dubai. On saturday 12th august I brought a indesit gas hob for aed 1, 599 which...

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Indesit - single oven

Hi, I purchase 2 years ago one single oven from indecent. I try contact your company but no reply so I hope you can help me with my problem. The stickers on the oven gone after a couple of months. I...

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Indesit - dishwasher

Good day
I bought a indesit ls 12 dishwasher 2nd hand. But I can't seem to find a manual for this model. I have searched every on the internet for a manual. Due ti this one is so different from my previous one. So can you maybe asist me with a manual for this model. I will appresiate it if you can assist me with a manual for the indesit ls 12 dishwasher.



Indesit - washing machine less than three years old

I am writing with regard to an indesit washing machine, which is just short of 3 years old (out of the 2 year warranty). The bearings have just gone and basically the machine is knackered. I will...

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Indesit - fridge shelf

Bought an indesit fridge as part of a new kitchen from homebase which was fitted in november 2015. On the evening of 12th march 2017 we heard a crash and found that the shelf in the fridge had collapsed, the shelf itself is intact but the sides are supported by plastic runners at the front and back of the shelf but have no support in the middle, placing all of the weight on only 2 inches of plastic at each side at the front and 0.5 inches of plastic at the back.

As we have only had it for just over a year and there are only 2 pensioners living here, so it hasn't been overloaded, we initially thought that it was just a one off fault; however we then realised that there was a crack in the same place on the other shelf, so it looks like a design fault.

Phoned indesit on 13.3.17 to get 2 replacement shelves and was asked to pay about £35 each, even though they assured me that the design had been changed, surely an acknowledgement that the original was likely to fail. They did eventually agree to supply 2 new shelves for atotal of £45 and said that they were out of stock but due in on the 17th march and would be with us 7-10 days after that.

Phoned to chase up today, 12.4.17, when the shelves were more than 2 weeks overdue, only to be told that they were still not in stock and were expected on 28.4.17, a friday and that they would be with us about 2 weeks after that. We will have been managing with half a fridge for about 8 weeks by then, if they arrive.

Not happy at the lack ofservice or at having to pay for something which should not have failed in the first place.

Indesit - electric cooker with hobs i6evaw / the worst service

We are very very dissatisfied with your service. We bought a stove and oven (indesit i6evaw) from new zealand big brands online on 9 july 2017; on 15 february 2017 we found the hobs indicator light was not on but the hotplates were still working. So, I contacted big brands and they past the message to the auckland (new zealand) service team. The service team called us and told my husband if there is no problem we still need to pay $125. This product is still within 2 years warranty, they ask for money even coming to check it. This is the worst service we have seen, we feel very very disappointed and we worry about the faulty indicator light may cause a fire issues in the future. As this result, we are no more to recommend our friends and family members to buy any product from your company.

Update by Grace Hsieh
Mar 04, 2017

I am Grace, I just would like to correct one typing mistake, that is, we bought the product on 9 July 2016.

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