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Carrefour / have never been such a terrible service supermarket, I don't think I will ever go again...

1 dongguan, China

31dec2017, I can't believe the last day of this year, suffered such a bad experience in a so-call good service supermarket. Carrefour is one of the closest supermarket around my place, its address is hongwei road, xiping, nancheng, dongguan city, guangdong province, china. I shopped with them at least twice a week, but now no more! I guess they don't care a value customer. Complaints as below:
1. Tonight around 6, I was in a hurry to get some groceries for dinner. When I was inside the supermarket entrance, a middle-age male security guard stopped me, said I have to put my bag inside their security bag and I have to carry this around me while I am shopping. I replied everything inside my bag is my belongings, nothing from this store. And I need the purse inside my bag to pay for the bills. And it takes me time, I just need to go in to grab some stuff. While I was talking, I kept walking. All of a sudden, this guard grabbed my bag. I felt very offensive, and told him to back off. And he threatened me that I can't go in until they bagged my bag. Anyhow, I have never been treated in a such a terrible, offensive, rude, disrespected way. There are more than hundreds thousands choices I can shop, I have no reason to shop with carrefour again. So I left. And the rude security guard never even showed a little apology.
2. Several month ago, I filed a complaint case in the same carrefour customer feedback box. I compliant that over all these time I have been shopped in carrefour, none of the counter staff has ever help me put my groceries in the shopping bag, not even once. So I have to bag my stuff while I am paying, and when I am still bagging my stuff, the counter will just go ahead check out the other customers' groceries while mine still on the counter, which is such a chaos! As for the feedback, a carrefour staff called back one day later, I explained one more time in the phone. And asked what improvement they are going to make? She never answered, but just laughed at it. I guess that answers the question.
3. And right now, carrefour will lock all the shopping cart. And you have to insert one coin inside the cart so you can use it. What if I don't have coins with me, are you telling me not to buy too much? And you can't push the shopping cart to the parking area, because the guys in charging of the carts won't allow you. What is the point of the shopping cart, if you can't use it?
4. And the security guard don't care about the dogs going or running inside the supermarket, but they won't let you go inside with a unbagged purse. What is even worse, dogs, kids just pissing in the supermarket. I saw once a dog pissed on a mannequin, twice dogs pissed in boxes... Is this a supermarket for peasants?
All the above are slowly killing my loyal toward carrefour, and now it just gone. I have shopped with many different supermarkets, walmart, spar, ieon, rainbow, costco, publix... Never has issues. But I had the worse shopping experience in carrefour!

Dec 31, 2017

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