Carrefour City Mall Amman / really bad customer service

Amman, Jordan

Really bad service, unprofessional employees, no regard to customers time.
Was waiting for an hour to get a price adjustment of about $7 on an item that was on sale but register wasn't giving the discount. Finally left without buying the item because I realized the employees where pretty much having fun with the situation instead of fixing it and adjusting the price. They sent someone to check on price which took 25 minutes, he came back, told the guy at register the price I indicated was correct, meanwhile the guy at register was checking other people out. Then they said they need to get a new price code which will show the discount, another 10 minutes, then they said we need to get the manager from upstairs, manager came 20 minutes later but insisted she was informed only 5 minutes ago.
Anyway, then the manager wanted me to carry the item upstairs because the cash registers downstairs couldn't handle the discount, yes I had to carry it upstairs if I wanted the discount( they had over 10 registers downstairs). Just unbelievable, at that point I just walked out because I knew it was going to be another 30 minutes or more to take care of this issue which should just take less than a minute. Plus I was so mad, I didn't want to end up assaulting anyone which I was really tempted to do.
In short, I really wonder why they don't just take care of the customer, isn't that their job? They made me feel like I was trying to cheat them by $7, My family and I spend at least $1000 monthly on groceries there, no more, time to find another place which values customers.

May 17, 2015

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