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Carmax Service / Service

1 West SaharaLas Vegas, NV, United States

I went to the service center for a basic inspection to maintain the integrity of the warranty I purchased thru carmax, and all they had to do was a basic lube, oil change, tire rotation and filling of fluids. Well...I waited around for over 3 hours for them just to complete that. They didn't even tell me that it was done until at least 20 mins that it sat out in the maintenance bay. So I drive home. The next day my girlfriend was driving home from dropping me off, and on the way smoke began to come out and oil began dispersing onto the ground...luckily home was just around the block. That evening, I get the call about what's happened...I call carmax and the best answer their customer service manager would say was, "You'll have to call service center in the morning", ...meanwhile I'm stuck at work they wouldn't be able to cover a rental car because cars run over 25 dollars a day here in Las Vegas and there's a down payment. I called rental car companies and they wanted over 2 hundred dollars for a rental car. I don't think so! I had also asked the manager about a tow truck to pick up my car and their towing only covers 5 miles away from the store...of course my home is further than that! I get my insurance company to cover the tow and it's free of course, but what if it wasn't? Do they care that their mess up costed me life and someone else money? NO. I get my car back to the carmax service center to see what the problem was and wow!...somehow the oil plug was missing! They inspected it to make sure "WE" didn't mess up the plug ourselves. To their amazement, there were no scrapes, or anything that said we did it to our own car. Because we totally wanted to be there ALL DAY!!! Hanging out with them! The maintenance technician comes out...some guy that doesn't even speak english very well, and doesn't appear professional at all, to explain he doesn't know what happened, but the oil plug magically unscrewed itself from the oil pan and let out the oil. They may have done the job...but improperly put the bolt/plug in. My car, from an unsuspecting driver, could have been really messed up! I guess I made a mistake by not checking the car out myself right after they touched it, to make sure the tires had been rotated correctly, fluids filled and all the oil components put back together properly. MY MISTAKE! I also noticed that the fluids hadn't been filled either! Thats what I paid them for...why wasn't it done? One of the obvious one the coolant, was well below the minimum marking, and it didn't even look touched. I pointed that out to the service manager, and even asked him for my money back for lack of the job being completed properly the first time. Their sign inside says, " We'll fix it right the first time, or it's free!" He said, "What's done was done and he couldn't give my money back. People make mistakes...their human"...awww...cry me a river when you're the one forking out money to pay for my engine breaking down! Covering the warranty payment...I mean, What a load of crap that was! So I waited for the part to come in and for them to do what they were supposed to do the first time, and altogether everything took over 4 hours!!! This is a basic inspection people. I mean c'mon!!! So, he assures me that a free oil change is fair! He didn't care how the car got there, why my girlfriend had to call in to work, how I missed two hours of work, ..and it seemed to me he didn't even care... yeah...because that's right...I paid them over $78.00 for all their "WORK"...ha! What a laugh! they didn't even do the job completely! Anyways, they wrote me a check for 25 dollars (to cover an oil change) that said SUCKER all over it, and sent me on my way! I looked at their little special board that listed all the inspections and jobs they are capable of doing (the same sign that said "We'll fix it right the first time, or it's free!"), and an oil change is 38 dollars...good job ###s! Not only that, but I had explained to the manager my disappointment in their service, and asked him why I would even consider taking a free oil change from people that don't pay attention to their job! He laughed and still insisted it was fair. I wasn't happy at all. Another dissatisfied customer...I'm still pissed and plan on writing the company...

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