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It's the worst website to order off the market accessories. Stay away from this vultures!!! I have very unpleasant experience with them and I am not ordering any parts from them anymore. Beware of hassle free returns coz it's not true. They will always email you back and forth for same old redundancy email and end up you'll not be able to refund your shipping and handling cost eventhough the fault is in their end.. You'll end up paying the return shipping as well for the product which does not fit in your vehicle despite the fact it's clearly before at check out that shld be compatible in your later part when you received the product it doesn't fit and they want you to ripped something off just to make the product fit for their satisfaction! As far my understanding was, when you ordered a product on certain website we make sure that it's compatible and it fits and doesnt need any altercation bcoz most of us purchasing it are amateurs in installing it. Any products fits signify mismatch and you can't just say to you customer to rip a hole to make the bolt fit it... What kind of customer service is that?? Don't tell me that it's factory defect. It's massive production and each every corner of the said parts are standardized and none of it was different from the other so dont make it a reason because of production defect it doesn't fit. It's horrible company to deal with... I regret I ordered with them... Please stay away as much as you can if you don't want to be ripped off by this heartless and opportunistic company.

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