I used Carflexi twice to obtain a rental car. The rental companies that provided those two cars were fantastic. Carflexi was the scam in my view. Carflexi charged me more for their service fee to obtain each rental car than what the rental fee was to rent each car. No where on its form does Carflexi show the price that they charge for their service. The price they show is the total cost owed to the actual provider of the rental car. I assumed this price also included their fee. It didn't. I contacted Carflexi about this issue and they won't help. They say it is a fee for their service. Carflexi hasn't shown me any confirming documentation to support their position, nor could they show me what their fee is. I asked one of the two rental companies about this and the rep told me commissions they charge are very low and they were surprised by the amount that Carflexi charged me. Carflexi hasn't offered me any supporting documents on this and they won't reverse the charges so beware of using them to obtain a rental car.

Oct 02, 2017

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