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We have rented a car via service and paid in advance. Everything seemed fine, car was nice and clean, and we got it on time.
We returned the car in a perfect condition.
The same day they charged extra money ($50) and when we contacted CarFlexi and asked what was going on they did not reply. We sent them another message and they ignored us again. They also did not pick up the phone when we called. We still have absolutely no idea why did they charge us and there is not way to find out. This seems strange, at the beginning everything was fine, but then THIS happened. We need them to contact us as soon as possible.

Dec 12, 2016
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  • Ca
      Dec 13, 2016

    Dear Annanko3,

    Could you please advise your voucher number?

    Thank you for your response.

    Best regards,

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  • R2
      May 07, 2018

    I had the same problem.

    This company is scam. I rented a car for 5 days in Syros, Greece and they charged me for a premium service worth Eur 68 that I had not selected. Furthermore, they NEVER included the cost of that premium insurance in the voucher nor they sent a receipt for the payment. I only realized of this expense when I looked at my credit card statement.

    Their customer service is the WORST! I called their representative in Greece, the guy was not able to explain what the charge was for. He was extremely disrespectful and unprofessional - he even hung up the phone on me! I have booked hundreds of cars all over the world, and this one has been without any doubt my worst experience.

    This is one of those companies that can certainly ruin your holidays. Stay away from them! Go with a trusted and well known company.

    e-Voucher No: 3660889

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  • Mi
      Jun 25, 2018

    Total scammers, do not book with them

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