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Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi Pakistan
I am Shakeel Anwer careem captain I have a very serious issue about careem's statements and behaviour
Before my joining careem told me that they charge 20% but now after working for 7 weeks with careem they are charging up to 40% My question is why Careem Karachi (It's a product of Multiple Fathers that's sucks Captain's [censor]) are cheating us???
Once a drunk man took a ride and he was so irritating, I left him to his destination but next day I got a warning message that we have a complain against your behaviour and you could be fine next time, a simple question to careem did you talked to him??? Everyday we captains recieves that kind of msgs that you could be blocked you could be fined!!!
What is criteria of careem on which they send us that kind of msgs??? I think that Careem Karachi is a team of ([censor] and [censor]) and a strict audit of their Karachi office should be carried out by Careem's Head Office to pin point the culprits in Karachi office staff and get the things run smoothly.

Oct 12, 2017

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