Captain D'sservice and food

I visited captain ds as I proceeded I notice manager was outside smoking then the lady said one moment pls I'll be right with you so I said ok so the manager told the lady you need to take her order which was great which a day or so before that I visited the location and waited 22 minutes on fries which was absolutely absurd and ridiculous then to get not the family order I was looking for but 3 little hand size boxes which I requested my money back and then called office to file a complaint so they gave me a few dinner on us coupons I also was able to get my family size order of fries which I went to Richmond rd to retrieve them I got which was awesome I also went the following day to use one of the coupons and the food was fresh and very presentable and customer service representative was very friendly explaining everything that comes with it even asking me if I needed sauces so i knew what to expect the next time i visited with my other coupon so the following day I said let me give new circle another chance what a mistake that brings me to the visit at hand I ended going there and the manager was outside first off smoking then the lady on speaker said it would be one moment the manager then proceeded to tell the lady tru the speaker to take my order she did so o had the dinner on us coupon and asked for dinner box with coleslaw and fries and a medium dr pepper light ice and a chocolate cake and I get to the window and theres one car in front of me so I'm waiting about 5 mintues no problem but then I get up there I give here the coupon she then asked me for 475 cent I told her that the drink and cake comes with it and she said I dont think it does I'll ask my manager I said if you could tell your manager to come to the window that would be awesome and she does after two mintues need I remind you she was smoking so she ended up coming to the window and I politely asked of there was a problem with me coming there and she said oh she didnt kno that the drink and cake comes with the meal and you order will be nothing she not once read my order to me not once did the lady taking my order read my order back to me which the way service is there every available so I get my order finally and the food was horrible I got to dried up pieces of fish looked like it was there 30 minutes before I got there and they tried to heat it back up coleslaw and some luke warm fries and cake thrown in the bottom of the bag which it should have been in a bag alone not in same bag with hot food and got home icing was melted off cake and what made it so bad is the manager stood there and watched her hand me my food and everything and didnt even make sure the order was at least presentable after I went thru all I had the time before and at that very moment they need to fire everyone there because this is not what I'm use to from any captain ds establishment but this wont sway me I'll be still eating there food just never at that location on new circle rd someone needs to sit next door and look out the window and you will know what to do next I hope it gets better at that location soon to drive 4 miles is alot when I live just 1 mile away from the new circle rd location but for the food it's worth the drive for me so I'll be there I thank you for your time

Jul 26, 2018

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