Captain D's / I am complaining about the service

Memphis, TN, United States

Today on lunch I placed a order for a 4peice meal with and when I made it back to work, Then realized once i left I only had a 2peice with 1side.The meal itself comes with a side of slaw and fries and 2 hushpuppies.It should have been 4 peices of fish, 2sides whitch was slaw and fries.I then called, and the lady over the phone had a serious attitude but then aplogizd and agreed to replace the order .I took the food backto them the same way they gave it to me, the manager there in duty came to front, I explained I just left and had just called she then jerk the order out of my hand quickly as I'm Explaining it all to her face to face.She yelled and nearly accused me of possibly lying about the whole order, She then had the young lady cooking the orders to fix it.I'm extremely upset and a bit disgruntled about the whole ordeal.I placed 3 separate orders and this was the only one thatwas wrong, so my thing was why would I go out of my way toconfuse or lie about missing food from one idea after spendingso much already with your store.Her attitude was beyond unacceptable and was very unprofessional..Didn't even offer a complimentary cookie or drink or anything just a bunch of smart mouth and attitude, yet she's a manager...(Captain D's on Sycamore View)

Feb 1, 2017

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