Capitec Bankunauthorised withdrawal of r2000.00

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My daugther discovered that r2000.00 was drew fron her savings account on the 29 december 2013 at capitec bank 's atm at marble hall, and she was having her debit card with her. She went to draw money and only to discover that the above money was missing. The local capitec bank gave a bank statement on 30 december 2013, which indicated that r2000.00 was drawn from an atm at marble hall. Then a case was open at marble hall police station with reference no. Cas 8/1/2014. The cas was sent to the local capitec bank as advised and promised to respond with 14 days, called this number to lodge a complain: [protected] and given this reference no. [protected]. When she calls capitec bank on [protected] for long waited feedback was told she is the one who drew the money, because she stays near marble hall.

Please assist her because she needs that money and was reserved for school fees foe her kids.

From mosebjadi

Jan 23, 2014
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  • Sh
      Feb 07, 2014

    Hi, my name is Shane Govender. I have banked with capitec for over 5 years now. I was scammed of my debit card at an Atm and I reported this, I now get an ams saying that they tried to get hold of me but they can't, which is a lie, my phone is always with me. No one called. I want proof of that call.They say that my claim is denied. I want a full report from them, not a few lines of an sms, thats so unprofessional.This is what happened to me, I was a victim of fraud and my bank thinks I'm a liar.I was at the the FnB Atm at Rock Rock cottage, Christian De Wet at around 18.40 ON THE 29 January 2014. I was waiting for the guy at the Atm to finish. When he walked out, I walked in to use the machine. As I was about to slot my card into the machine he suddenly stepped in from my right hand side and pushed my hand and grabbed my card said "uplift your card like this cause this ATM is faulty" and he picked my card upwards while it was still by the slot, he said punch in you pin now and it should be fine, it looked as if my card went into the slot and I punched in my pin number but it was a long digit on the screen as if it was asking for a cell number, I was confused, the guy disappeared from site. I tried taking my card out by pressing cancel etc but the screen just defaulted to the fhb screen when its not activated without a card in. I then got an sms showing me that R1100 was withdrawn from my account.I called my bank and put a stop on the card immediately. I did all I could to let them know that I was scammed but now they make me look as if I am a liar and making this up. I want my money back, its all I had in that account.I just want to know what they did in this investigation. I want to know if they checked the camera footage at that atm. If they can't give me good enough reason for why I can have my money then I will have to speak to an higher authority at Capitec. We are all hard working citizens, who just make it through the months and some guy just robs you at an atm and gets away with it and we are called negligent. These guys are professional thieves, I didn't expected him to rush in from the side and steal my card. I want to know what kind of protection we have from our bank that we trust them with our money !!! I have a good mind to move to another bank immediately. I know it makes no difference to you, whoever might be reading this email but I will make it well known that Capitec is not a bank that can be trusted. I work at an agency and I can easily get an advert in any newspaper around the country. I want a perfect explanation of why I can't have my money refunded and I have proof of being at that atm and that unauthorised money taken from my account. Please contact me asap before this gets blown up and I take the necessary steps to get my money. 071 3350310Thank you. Shane Govender

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  • Ns
      May 01, 2014

    I have been waiting for MBD clear my name because i paid up everything i was owing Capitec though MBD they keep on delaying i have been phoning them

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  • Tw
      Apr 09, 2016

    Hi, my name is Sibongile card was swallowed by an atm.after some few minutes, i received a message that the amount of R1000 was withdrawn.i fastly ran to a nearest branch in Standerton explaining the problem, they told me they will reverse the money but I have been waiting.

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  • Ma
      Apr 18, 2016

    Hi it happened to me Sunday the 17th New Germany Durban, and I was made to feel as if it was my fault as I wasted time by phoning and not using the app on my phone, Capitec is very negligence if I didn't know better I would say they work with the criminals because their investigation no one follows up with you or pay you back your money, 5000 was withdrawn from my account,

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  • Ja
      Sep 29, 2017

    ive just been a victim of unauthorised debit orders . i am very dissapointed

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