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I am extremely exasperated about the service I have been receiving from capitec bank lately. The consultants there lack a uniform work structure and it seems as though everyone makes a decision based on their own discretion which is limited to the amount o0f knowledge and experience they have without following any kind of procedure.

I have been only giving great reference to colleagues and associates about the bank and advising them to open an account but after the past few contacts with the bank even though it is rather cheap I after deep thought I would not advise anyone to bank with capitec.
Remember that at the end of the day it should boil down to quality and not quantity. I was also surprised when the consultant at the fourways mall branch nishav govind agreed with me in saying I may be experiencing problems because it is not a reputable bank and it is fairly new. Yes capitec is cheaper but have you considered the amounts of trips one needs to make to various branches because you could not be assisted at one branch? (with the petrol price hikes we are having) the amount of phone calls one needs to make being referred back and forth and not forgetting the time wasted that can never be returned?
My first incident was a couple of months back when I was at the northgate branch accompanying a friend to go open an account after I had advised them about how great capitec is. I was greeted by a man at the door who asked what we were here for; we told him it was to open an account. The man asked to check the documents which we gladly gave to him. He looked at the id and at his own discretion said that the id book is not in a good condition he should actually discard it and apply for a new one. Nothing was tempered with and everything on the id was visible. He said it would not be able to read on some “device” that the apparently use. Frustrated I thanked the gentleman and though let us try the capitec at fourways crossing so we drove all the way to fourways crossing and guess what everything there was done and there was no problem at all. This is the same id he uses hassle free at standard bank.
My second incident was on friday afternoon 02/11/12 I arrived at capitec bank at 15:40 to re activate my multiloan account as it expires after a year. I had all the necessary documents and was assisted by nishav govind together with the manager francois van wyk. I moved from my previous company to my current on which is a private company a small but reputable one and it is not listed on the internet nor is it n telkom directory as it is an international company and due to discreet yet legit and sensitive nature of work. After tedious analysing and a lengthy procedure back and forth with the manager the consultant then seemed to try and get the contact details of the company after 16:30 to confirm employment which was a little too his failing to do so. He then firstly out of his own delay and failure to make efficient decisions together with the manager does not ask me to return on monday so he can confirm employment instead he informs me that the only transactions I will be able to make with the bank of my choice is to have my salary deposited in it and make withdrawal transactions and nothing else. Shocked I confirmed with the consultant that basically what you are saying is that due to this it’s basically useless for me to be with capite bank because I cannot be able to do anything long term based with them? He agreed and insisted that it would actually be a best for me to take my salary to nedbank which is my other financial provider and do all future transactions with them.
I then decided yet again on the next day to drive all the way to northgate and guess what? It was a saturday but the lady managed to assist me not fully as she could not confirm employment on saturday but offered to put it on task monday morning and call me back and guess what the same manager from fourways was working there and advised her differently to what he advised the consultant at fourways for the exact situation. I was advised to send through a confirmation letter of employment from my company hr the matter has not been resolved yet as I work shifts 6am to 6pm which is a complete inconvenience on my side as well. This time around I thought I am not going to let this one slide it has gone too far especially after I spoke about it to a couple of associates where one actually mentioned that when they visit the bank at northgate they would rather wait longer in line then be assisted by certain consultants and have actually told them so directly due to this.

Now I continue to ask are we looking for quality service or are we looking for cheap service. Remember financial service is not like at the supermarket were you can just bare it. Your bank is the next most important think after your job especially if that is where your salary goes. Now if they cannot look after you financially how will you be able to progress in life and take care of yourself or family financially?


  • Co
    Colett Nov 08, 2012

    Good day

    Please accept my sincere apology for your poor service experience with us! We will investigate and correct any inefficiencies as we pride ourselves on providing a unique service experience to our clients as we realise that the relationship between ourselves is one that necessitates transparency and care. It is certainly one of the most important relationships from a financial perspective!

    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further assistance or experience any problems going forward in your relationship with Capitec Bank.

    Complaint Manager: Capitec Bank

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  • Th
    Themba Mthimbane Dec 25, 2012

    Is aARE CAPITEC BANKS OPENED TODAY and if so where can i get a branch ?

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  • Co
    Colett Dec 27, 2012

    Hi Themba
    Sorry that we are only replying today, we took a break for the past two days but all services resume from today!
    Please come and visit your nearest branch...
    Complaint Manager: Capitec Bank

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  • Ta
    Tau Tau Jun 25, 2013

    Now this I cant believe!! My salary goes into capitec monthly and I have been with them for years now. Guess what, some 3rd party debits my account for an amount just over R3000, I go to my branch to query and reverse the debit because it was not an arrangement - Capitec told me i cant as they will need a letter of some sort from the party that did the deduction !!! What????? A letter!!! for my own money that i worked to hard for the whole bloody month and this is what MY Bank says to me!!
    Who's money is that? who has a say the last say??
    the question now is, Do you keep having your salary being deposited to such a bank that does not give a damn about you? or do you move it somewhere else where they regard clients better?
    I am very very dissapointed at my own bank by now starting not to care about their own clients and their needs... i just hope they survive this really. Just an advise to Capitec; Do Not mess with your South African clients, especially in these trying times - protect your clients! otherwise you will lose your base quicker that you ever thought - its easy and possible.
    I am moving definately moving my salary deposits...This is my money!!

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  • Co
    Colett Jun 25, 2013

    We changed our policy from 15 February 2013 requesting clients to provide us with written proof when disputing a Naedo or debit order. We are in no way saying that a client may not dispute a debit order. Instead we are trying to be fair to both parties of the agreement in that we request written confirmation from the company that submitted the debit order.

    We do still allow various exceptions where proof do not need to be submitted in order to dispute a debit order. You are welcome to contact Capitec Bank with more details so that we can investigate your incident?

    Complaint Manager: Capitec Bank

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  • Si
    sibongiseni Dindikazi Sep 12, 2013

    I am a capitec client so I fixed my money last year, than I give them a notice on 6th of august 2013 that after 30 days I need it.but I didn't get it until now today.I went to clairwood branch to report to the manager she promise me she will do the follow up and she took my number but even now she didn't do any thing she never call me every day I go to capitec at clairwood in durban just to check what is going on with my money they phone the head office than they said they don't see anything wrong.what is that so why I don't get my money I want to change to onother bank but I need my money first this is rediculous.

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  • Sh
    Shalane Sep 18, 2013

    I am disappointed really why do I pay for something and is not done for what I payed to do. On the 10th of September at 13:03 I went to the lifestyle centre centurion with my check, I asked the lady please the ask for special clearance on the check because I needed the money for very personal reasons, and when she was done she told me it will take anything from 4 to 10 days, ok now the other thing is last month I also payed in my check without special clearance and was told it would take 10 to 14 days, was available on the 10th day. I want to know why did n pay for the special clearance if the money will only be available on the 10th day???????? I was at the same bank again on the 17th September and a guy helped me and I asked him on the checks does the weekend count on the days or not and he said yes, now if it does count then today is the 8th day and is still not cleared why did I pay for that clearance when it takes the same amount of days as a check without the clearance?????? Can someone please explain to me why this is false info u give to clients? This is really bad I mean come on, I said that this clearance is important and urgent and I am being let down by My bank, AskWhy u say now I am asking WHY??????? Then [email protected] branch didn't even do anything when I was there on theb16th and waited 3 minutes without any help. before I went to lifestyle all I was told is sorry can't help u with this. I am very disappointed in this bank and will not refer anyone ever to bank with capitec u don't get the correct info at all. Pay for something and and u don't even get what u paying for. I have lost al my patience. Fix this problem in capitec or I will be closing my account sooner than what I opened my account

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  • Sh
    Shalane Sep 18, 2013

    Sorry waited 30 minutes and not 3 my mistake

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  • Ru
    rudie1234 Mar 13, 2014

    I would also like to say that i am a client of Capitec Bank currently .. i Went to make a personal loan of R6000 yesterday...guess what.. they told me i qualify for R111K... an hour later i got a message on my phone .. sorry sir but your loan was declined...

    i Bank with you ... my money goes into your bank every month... I also did not get any reason why???? i am credit worthy . by law and on paper.

    [email protected]

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  • En
    ENTM Mar 26, 2014

    I'm very disappointed. my husband is using Capitec. a cheque was deposited into his account. when he went to the bank today he was told it will take 14 to 21 days to clear WHAT!!! that's 3 weeks. when he asked for a special clearance he was told they cant help him. the person who deposited the cheque should have been the one who requested the clearance. are you serious, it in my account, i'm the one who needs the money. i was seriously considering changing to Capitec but after this, i'm staying with my bank. it not the clients fault that some people still prefer to use cheques, they are the bank, they should accommodate everyone. BAD BAD BAD.

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  • Pr
    P RAS May 25, 2015

    I made a deposit early morning at 7am and I am still waiting for the Notice of payment (That I need urgently, to continue my business)
    It is 8pm at NIGHT!!! I went back into my internet-banking and have requested a resend of Payment confirmation 2X, but still NOTHING comes through on my e-mails. And every time I must pay 40c per re-send. It is an absolute f...shame!!!

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  • Re
    Reviewer16846 Nov 19, 2015

    I received in one month 5 calls from Capitec department and I made an arrangement on the first call . This is the worst service that I have seen in my life . Can you please coach your people to be more professional and to listen when the customer are making arrangements

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  • Dr
    dreyercj Nov 19, 2015

    Poor Service . I made an arrangement earlier this month of repaying my account. I received 4 calls after that asking to make arrangements . Is the staff not trained to listen or to make notes. This is unacceptable why do I have to repeat myself . Please employ staff that can do there work

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  • Ab
    Abongile Manisi Dec 08, 2015

    I am disgusted and very disappointed with the branch in Pretoria(bosman station mall)the branch manager on the 6th of December refused to help me cause i didn't have correct paper. That was understandable .But after i told her that what extacty does she want coz i have been coming the 3 times now that branch doesn't seem to know what they doing ! she then screamed at me and told all consultant not to help me ..I am a custom liaison officer she had no right to instruct the whole branch not to help me for imposing g an honest question. I need action taken .Capitec please reply to this complaint. So i left with no help

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  • No
    nomazotsho mgqibela Apr 18, 2016

    I've never been so inconvenienced by this bank, my account was blocked as from friday couldn't have access to my account the whole weekend since was out of town. Today i go to the bank to give necessary documents which were needed since i'm a new residence here had to ask for a letter from my councillor and was told that i have to bring my pay slip of which i've been doing this up and down ever since i got notification from them but unfortunately everyone has got his/her story on what a person to bring, could not be assisted even today until i bring a payslip and can't draw even withdraw my money i hate the day i changed to this bank cause none of these things has ever happened with the previous bank i had maybe it's time to leave them.

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  • Da
    Dave Taz Jun 13, 2016

    Absolutely WORST customer service from CAPITEC BANK

    PLEASE HELP! Me and my wife did several Atm deposits on Sa****ay 4 June. The Atm took R26000 and never credited it to my account. The Assistant Branch Manager WITNESSED how the Atm "Swallowed" my money. We then spent more than an hour inside the bank logging the complaint. The Assistant branch manager then promised us that they will have it sorted the following Monday when the security company attends to the Atm as they have logged a service call with them. I phoned the BRANCH MANAGER on Tuesday and we basically told me that it is not his department and that Capitec will get back to me in 14 DAYS regarding the issue. For the entire week ABSOLUTELY NOBODY of Capitec Bank contacted us, despite promising us that it will be sorted! I then logged a complaint with their COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT, which in turn promised that they will get back to us WITHIN 3 days, which they NEVER DID! i was the 3rd person that morning that lost money at that Atm. I advised them to disable that Atm as it was faulty, but they then allowed other customers to use it which resulted in another 2 people losing money at the Atm.

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  • Kh
    khanyi mashicila Jul 12, 2016

    My father is banking with Capitec and has a loan there, he fell ill in 2014 and was boarded from work I only found out now meaning this year that he should have sent documents to the insurance company for it to cover his loan because he can no longer afford to pay with the little pension he gets from work.The response from the insurance is that I should have sent the documents in 2014 and I have been walking in and out of the Bank and none of the employees advised me about the insurance application I only heard of it from people who have hade this experience.Plz assist my email is [email protected]

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  • Ch
    Christopher Martin Sep 08, 2016

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  • So
    sokolo Dec 27, 2017

    I am very disappointed with capitec because I transferred the money in the wrong account inside the branch and I went back to the branch after 10 minutes to report the matter until today I have not got an assistance from capitec. I feel soo discouraged and iam planning to close the account I have with capitec because they are useless.

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  • Ke
    keageneto opperman Feb 19, 2018

    disappointed is not the word for capitec i dont know what to say anymore am a young man trying to build a credit score cos i also wana take out contract phone sometimes a loan but capitec told me they can give a six mounths loan witch i paid of with no problem after that ma life got just a living hell cos now i cant even take out a simple contrac phone of 10rand cos of bad record capitec staf told me it was cos of ma truworths accound mail them letter from truworhs stateing am up to date then they change to they will look into ma case stil today nothing has change am glad that i learn the hard way with capitec i restart somewhere else from 1st of march 2018 somewhere else cos they made enough money now they dont care abt there cleints mxm

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  • Ke
    keageneto opperman Feb 19, 2018

    unhappy unhappy with service

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