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Capitec Bank / negligent staff - silverton

1 South Africa
Contact information:

On saturday, 4th may 2013, my husband and I went to capitec silverton
To apply for a personal loan to consolidate debt and to fix a motor
Vehicle we want to sell. After waiting what felt like hours as the
Bank was busy, we finally got to see a consultant by the name of
Theodora. She said that we have to apply individually and before she
Gets me to sign the documentation, she would have to phone to confirm
My employment. I told her that she would have to phone my boss on his
Cellphone as it is saturday and he will not be in the office. She
Said that that was not capitec’s policy to phone cellphones and i
Would have to come back to the branch in the week. I explained that i
Work in midrand and that was impossible to do it in the week. I asked
To see the manager. Theodora called for him and he confirmed the
Policy but that we could in the meantime see what I qualify for and
See if its approved then all I have to do is come back on monday the
6th may to sign the documents. They will confirm my employment then.
Theodora took my personal documents (3 months bank statements, id
Copy, proof of residence, payslips and a letter confirming I am
Permanently employed as I have only been working for the current
Company for a short period). I asked what I qualified for and was
Told r 96 000.00 but could change once my particulars and expenses
Were loaded. So, I said go ahead, which she did. The loan amount
Then dropped to r 92 000.00. She said it was approved, but wanted to
Confirm everything with the manager. Bertus van wyk, the manager came
And confirmed all was correct and clearly stated that I was approved,
But cannot get any money until the confirmation of employment was
Done. He told theodora to put on the system that employment is
Confirmed, but in notes state “to confirm”. My husband and I both saw
The approval on the system. Theodora said that someone from capitec
Would phone on monday to confirm my employment and then I should just
Make sure I get to the branch by 5pm to sign the documentation. She
Also confirmed the money would then be transferred immediately into my
Bank account. I asked if there was a reference number or a printout i
Needed to bring into the branch and she said no I must just give the
Consultant I see my id as she will not be in.

So now we get to “d day” (today) and I race off from midrand to
Silverton to sign my documentation. I had to wait my turn as there
Were customers before me. Understandable. I get to the consultant
And tell her I need to sign my documents for the loan. She asked me
Why it was not done when I applied and I told her that my employment
Could not be confirmed on saturday. She went to fetch the documents
And told me I was declined. When I queried why, she said that head
Office declined it as I was not in employ in my current company for 3
Months. I explained that my loan of r 92 000.00 was approved on
Saturday and she said its impossible without confirmation. I asked to
See the manager. This time it was another gentleman, martin chida who
Came to me. Apparently he is the actual manager and bertus is the
Assistant manager. The way bertus and theodora explained, my husband
And I were under the impression that bertus was the real manager.
Anyway, martin confirmed it is declined. I asked him why we were told
My loan was approved and now they take it away after my husband and i
Used the money we had in our bank account for another important thing.
He asked me if I was sure I heard right. Wrong thing to ask me. I
Am not deaf or stupid. Once again, both my husband and I saw this
With our own eyes on the computer screen. I demanded to see bertus
And was told that both he and theodora were off. I then again i
Demanded to see bertus and told martin that he should phone bertus and
Get him to come into the branch. He said he cannot do that. I would
Have to wait until martin gets a chance tomorrow to speak to both of
Them. This is unacceptable. I was promised something and now gets
Ripped away from me. Martin said he understood my predicament a few
Times, but what does he know? He sat with a smurk on his face and i
Was the idiot. I demanded contact numbers for management and email
Addresses and also asked for a copy of the agreement on the computer.
He refused to give me the number or email addresses and told me he
Does not have my application. How is this possible? Does the capitec
System not save information or could martin be covering up for his
Staff? Now with my experience, applications are saved and a reference
Number is generated. Seems very suspicious. He gave me a brochure
And told me to phone the number on there. I did this and spoke to a
Lovely lady by the name of luwanda (ref 8068506). She said that
Complaints take 24 hours before they are attended to. Sorry, but this
Is once again an inconvenience. The joke is that theodora was aware
Of my employment situation as we still joked that my ex boss never
Used to pay me on time or used to pay bit by bit. This was clear as
Day on my bank statement. She was aware of everything. What would
Have happened if my employment was confirmed on saturday? Would i
Have received the money then phoned today and told sorry we need the
Money back? As explained to martin and luwanda, I am taking this as
Far as I can. My conversation with luwanda is recorded. I told her
That someone needs to sort this out by 10am tuesday, 7th may. She did
Tell me that due to procedures she cannot promise that. She was
Professional and did her job correctly. Capitec’s silverton branch
Should be investigated due to negligence and the staff members in
Question need to be suspended. I am not going to be made a fool of.
This complaint will be posted on hello peter tonight. I am also
Lodging a complaint with the banking ombudsman, ncr and will be
Informing all the national newspapers of my complaint if it is not
Attended to by 10am tomorrow morning. I have been humilitated as i
Had made plans with that money. I was also treated like an idiot.

I would sign a debit order so what is the problem? If I was declined
On saturday, this would be a different story. Don't make promises to
Clients and then treat them like fools. Someone needs to seriously
Open their eyes.

May 7, 2013

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