Capitec Bankaccount querr

Good day, my name is: ursula swartz, I went to the atm machine yesterday and tried to withdraw a certain amount of money but the machine declined my third withdrawal, stating that I had exceeded my daily withdrawal limit. This was very strange for me as I have a set limit which I arranged with capitec bank when I opened my account. I called the customer service line and spoke to one of the consultants who informed me that the bank had some sort of a technical problem and that is the reason for my limit being changed but what baffled me is when she told me that I have to now go into one of the branches and increase my limit again. Surely if the banks' technical error has been restored, all errors should be restored automatically. Now I have to fix the banks error, I am very unhappy & dissapointed about this, I have never had problems with capitec bank in the past but if this is the kind of service I can expect, then I might as well move my account to another bank!!!


Ursula swartz

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