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Capital One Credit Card / unable to close account / fees charged

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I have tried numerous times to close this account through Capital One. The card has been destroyed and there is no recurring charges on the account, except for the 3.00 monthly fee charged by the company. This charge is accumulating interest of 19.80% monthly. I have called three times today to get this account closed. I was put on hold and the phone goes dead. Please help me I want to keep a good credit report and I always pay my bills on time. I feel frustrated and cheated by this company. There is none to speak to and even when I do, they do not close the account.

Ann K Carter / William Harwell

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  • Su
      18th of Oct, 2007
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    I'm with you - it's what they did to me, only I had moved addresses and didn't know they were chasing me for it. Had to file formal complaint against them and CC: the credit reporting agencies before the details of my "bad credit behavior" were removed from my credit report. It's messy, and I'd never ever go through them again, for anything.

  • Ca
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    I changed addresses last Feb. and was getting my several Cap. One statements just fine - then in Nov of the year, the address was printed wrong resulkting in no statements for a few months and granted, since I have been a long time customer and had several Cap One cards, I didn't notice right away. When all the late fees started coming after I tried to correct the problem (after service rep siad, "yes, it was our error, your credit will will corrected and a minimum payment will clear it up" - I did all that, and NOTHING changed - laye fees are still coming, and my credit has suffered, statements still come late, calls to "customer service" has resulted in extrodinary hold times, foloowed by disconnects, was told I could not cancel the account OR talk to a supervisor. I got the complaint form from Salt Lake UT - wrote the problem AND sent a good faith payment. IT WAS NEVER CASHED - my complaint was never addressed and while I send payments in every month, I still get late fees every month - I never use the card and am not allowed to catch up or clear my credit. THEN, another of my Cap I cards started going to a wrong address!!!!!! Another (in good standing with small balance) was cancelled -

    How can I get some WEIGHT to get this until control?

  • An
      25th of Oct, 2008
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    IF YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, NEVER USE CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARD. They are the worst in the industry! For the 4th or 5th time in a few months, they have put a hold on my credit card for no reason. It is so embarrasing! I am waiting in line to pay the cashier at a supermarket and the card gets declined. I know that there is plenty of money on the card, so I called the customer service number. Guess what? I am transferred to India, where I could barely understand the customer rep's thick Indian accent. I had to repeat my card number several times, then she argues that the number I gave is not a legitimate number. I said, "What?!" I am reading the card that you, guys issued me and I have been using this same card for years. Then, she puts me on hold for several minutes. Upon her return, I remind her that I am still holding up the line at the supermarket and people are starting to glare at me like it's my fault that my credit card is having problems. The service rep asks me to repeat the credit card number 2 more times, puts me on hold for 3 more minutes and then says that there is no hold on the card and for the cashier to try to run it again. For the 4th time, the store cashier runs the card and again, the computer screen says that the card is declined. I tell the service rep this, and she still insists that it is not on their end, but on the store's end. The cashier runs the card 2 more times. Same thing. I ask the service rep to be transferred to a supervisor and she says in "an-i-don't-give-a-crap" voice, "I can't transfer you until I exhaust all the troubleshooting possibilities. What are the last 3 digits on the back of your card?" I give her the number and she says, "That is an invalid code". Again, I shriek, '"What?! I am simply reading the back of my card and I have used this code and this card for years? What is going on?" She says (amused), "Hold the line..." Again, I was on hold for several minutes, then she comes back on the line and said, "I don't see any problem on the card. Run the card again... Maybe this time it will work." I ask the cashier (who at this time, is now glaring at ME), to run the card one last time. Guess what? Card is still declined and the phone goes dead!

  • Ma
      26th of Oct, 2008
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    CAPITAL ONE must be a genius at hiring the rudest, most condescending customer service reps in the world. Especially the ones that they outsource from India. They are arrogant and don't give a ### about your problems with THEIR credit card.

    CAPITAL ONE must be the greediest, ### credit company around!
    They obviously don't care because they have plenty of customers. Beware, CAPITAL ONE, your days are over! Before you know it, you will be bankrupt just like those a-holes at Wall Street!

    CAPITAL ONE------- that is Karma for you!!!

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