Candy Crush Sagapiggy bank rewards not accessible

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The rewards to collect gold bars in the piggy bank is not allowing me to open and access the 100 gold bars I collected. It says it's full so I should be able to use it, but there is no way to access. The open bar remains inactive. I've complained twice and had no response nor assistance. Why set a reward if you are not going to actually keep to the promise?

Jul 22, 2017
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  • Ma
      Aug 28, 2017

    I agree, been enjoying Candy Crysh for years, I'm not super competitive bit I find it fun. I WILL NOT PAY to complete a challenge with the Piggy Banks, and furthermore I WILL NOT PLAY anymore, when this post is finished the app will be deleted. Goodbye Candy Crush.. paying to enjoy you is prostitution so sad

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  • Sa
      Sep 01, 2017

    I agree i play a lot of king games and find them fun an was most upset to learn that you have to pay for filling the piggy bank which is very unfair when you spend hours playing only to be disapointed by having to pay for gold you have earned by get stars sort it out king you are going to loss a lot of loyal players

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  • Ro
      Sep 04, 2017
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    I agree, don't know why they make you PAY to open piggy bank..these games are to be for fun and enjoyment.. If I wanna pay for something, I'll go to the casinos..good bye candy crush..was fun playing..moving on

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  • Ja
      Sep 09, 2017

    I m not getting my gold bars though my piggy bank is full . I had earned the gold bars so u HV to give me on spot it's ur duty to keep ur promise already I HV my piggy bank full so y should I pay

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  • Da
      Sep 10, 2017

    I agree with everybody. I earned the piggy bank, why should I have to pay to get access?

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  • Me
      Oct 10, 2017

    We all are being cheated playing this game that is rigged from the start. After I use my bought bars thinking it would open my piggy bank to redeem. Nothing ( I got scammed ) after this all games will be deleted. Shameful scamming people like they do . Must be a Democrat!!

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  • Su
      Apr 20, 2018

    @memyselfi memyself Agree. The entire game is rigged!
    Even the spin wheel.
    Its geared to force the player to spend money.

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  • Ka
      Dec 25, 2017

    is it real gold bar or may i use it in real .

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  • To
      May 30, 2018

    Beli (King - Piggy Bank (Candy Crush Saga)) di Google Play IDR50400+PPN10%+SC sukses, potong pulsa/msk tagihan Anda. CS:XL817/AXIS838
    But my candy bank not give my gold bars.
    Thats a cheat. Shame on you.

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  • Ji
      Sep 09, 2018

    What is going on with the bank, you used to be able to store 60 gold for $2.99 now it's 30 for 2.99 Plus you can't purchase the dainty bundle anymore, Losing patience

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  • Li
      Oct 19, 2018

    @Jimthechowd I noticed that too! I used to spend $ on the the piggy bank and dainty bundle, but I have now vowed not to give them a penny more, now that they've gotten so greedy! Not like they weren't making enough already! Such a rip off!

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