Candy Crush Sagagetting ripped off by candy crush saga

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I keep getting stuck on timed levels. Even though I beat the level with three stars it asks me if I want to continue or quit. It won't let me get my win and I have to keep playing the same level to move on. I have been paid a fortune many times and used countless boosters to get passed these levels and some glitch in the system keeps holding me back. I have had this problem for over a month and finally took some pictures of the screen on my ipad so I can prove it. Also I played a level where you need to crush 3 lemon candies and I could never get 3 of them to release. I spent a fortune and even used lucky candies and boosters to no avail. I was so frustrated that time I googled it and found that candy crush was well aware of the failure in that level. Why would they continue to let people get ripped off. I spent a lot of money for nothing and finally played it without wasting a cent or a booster and won because the system released lemon candies like it was supposed to. I stopped playing for months but since I started again these timed levels will not let me pass. I can pass them occasionally even though the score is less than the scores I have had previously. I am tired of being robbed and want my money back. I also want these glitches addressed so others are not in the same boat.

getting ripped off by candy crush saga
getting ripped off by candy crush saga
getting ripped off by candy crush saga
getting ripped off by candy crush saga
getting ripped off by candy crush saga


  • On
    Onlnr Dec 03, 2016

    I know these games are fun, but with all due respect, you need to stop! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over with the same rsults. Surely your free time could be put to better use.

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  • Pa
    papar Dec 06, 2016

    candy crush is ripping off people by over charging, tonight the time i checked my bank statement, noticed i got over charged over and over without any transaction, first thing i delete my check card information, and tomorrow i am going to my bank to report this fraud, i am so angry,

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  • De
    Debra Whitehurst Feb 23, 2020

    @papar They deliberately cause you to lose thinking you will spend money. I get sick of the fact that they make levels so hard you almost have to pay to win. Not this gal, I’m done. Better things to do

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  • Mo
    Moses1212 Jan 02, 2019

    Candy crush are giving ‘free’ lives for watching ads. Be warned, I bought from one of these ads and the company - Hubris-Stalwart stole my cash. They are also known as They cannot be contacted. Do not buy from any adverts within candy crush saga

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  • Pa
    Patricia Riely Mar 24, 2019

    What happened to being able to collect boosters like 'build a bot'? This feature disapeared a few days ago so now it is nearly impossible to pass levels or make any progress.

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  • Sa
    Sammy Girl Apr 07, 2019

    @Patricia Riely Now you have to pass a new level to get them. B4 you could replay an old level and get them. I’ve deleted CC from my IPad and IPhone. Enough is enough. It is no longer enjoyable at all.

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  • Co
    Coopette Jun 12, 2019

    The free gifts you receive with the helicopter are not good anymore. Used to give you a hammer or something, now its 15 minutes of free boosters. Don’t like this! Majority of the time I’m out of lives by the time I receive these and they don’t even coincide with the level I’m on. Now my options of getting hammers or booster in my bank are slim and none.

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