Candy Crush Sagaboosters disappeared.

L Review updated:

I was looking forward to playing the new levels today. Imagine my horror when I started playing and noticed all of my boosters had disappeared. 35 red hand swaps. 30 lollipop hammers. All of the other boosters have disappeared too. 85 coconut wheels. All of the fish. Colour bombs. The only thing left was 35 gold bars. I'm thinking about deleting candy crush and spending my money somewsomewhere else.


  • Su
    Susan Reed Jan 07, 2017

    Same thing just happened to me. After playing a while I turned my iPad off because Candy Crush was crahsing. When I turned it back on a few minutes later ALL boosters (at least fifty) were gone.

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  • Bo
    Bob McDougall Jan 15, 2017

    Same here---Lost 47 gold bars, 15, color bombs, 20 Striped boosters and 15 or so sucker hammers in the last two weeks. DONT PLAY CANDY CRUSH SAGA UNTIL THEY GET THIS FIXED. They're just trying to get us to by more boosters (that they'll probably delete). Jan 15, 2017

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  • Da
    Daniel Booth Apr 10, 2018

    I just lost lost almost 80 coconut wheels and other boosters THAT I PAID FOR! CC claims that they are free so they don't have to restore them. They are Not free. Give me my money back!

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  • Me
    Meroz Aug 12, 2018

    Me too i lost my boosters is there any advice to get them bk

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