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Canadian Tire / poor policy and bad customer service!

1 Canada Review updated:

I purchased a Yardworks Cordless Reel mower part [protected]. I used it twice and found that it did a terrible job. It left 30% of the grass uncut. I had to borrow a lawn mower from someone and had no problem with the grass. 31 days after purchasing the mower (they have 90 day return exchange the receipt says, with original packaging and receipt - which I had), I brought it back with the intention to exchange the product.

I was told that it would have to be sent out for repair! I stated that there was no sign in the store, and no where on my receipt did it say that there were no returns or exchanges on lawn mowers. She (customer service) went on to say that cashiers can't know all return policies for all products!

I called Canadian Tire head office. I was told that I could have returned it if I did not used it. I did not know that it was no good until I tried it. She asked if I had read the manual to know that it was a 2 year repair warranty. I said that I did read it. They tried to say that the receipt said that it had to be unused. I told them that it did not say that on my receipt. So I talked with customer service at head office, the supervisor, and finally voice mail for the supervisors manager.

I just want to let people know they told me that all their products have different warranties, and really they have different return policies for all different items. These policies are not stated and you only find out about them once you have purchased a lemon.

I called the store that I bought it from again and finally got someone helpful, she said that she had heard about similar problems with this product.

I have still not heard if they will return it or exchange it.

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  • Ho
      5th of Jun, 2007
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    I purchased a Yardworks Cordless Reel mower part 60-1535-8 at Canadian Tire. The only thing worse then the lawn mower is the service I received after the purchase.

    I used it twice and had to take out my old lawn mower to actually get the grass cut. It is a very expensive lawn ornament!

    The service from both Canadian Tire and Yardworks is horrible. After talking to both companies, I took my lawn mower in for servicing and was told there was nothing wrong with it so it couldn't be replaced.

    Buyer beware takes on a whole new meaning when you have to add a national institution such as Canadian tire to the list of companies who won't back what they sell.

  • Ho
      13th of Jun, 2007
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    I would like to amend my above comment. Canadian Tire has agreed to exchange my lawn mower!

  • Da
      13th of Jun, 2007
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    Where did they exchange it??? I am driving around with the same useless reel mower in a box in my truck unable to return it.

  • De
      1st of Dec, 2007
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    Canadian tire has the worst service of any company have ever met, they say you cannot use something, find out it doesn't work and return it? THEN WHAT'S THE POINT OF HAVING A RETURN POLICY?

  • La
      22nd of Jan, 2008
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    Candian Tire policies are no different from Ontario to Newfoundland.
    My wife and I purchased a $2000.00 Troy Built snow blower from Canadian Tire in Stephenville Newfoundland. We have a about 300' of driveway to plow out. We are seniors and felt that this machine would help us get through the winters here. We were originally from Ontario.

    The first snowfall it worked ok. Next snowfall a cable came off and the wheels wouldn't turn (self propelled). When I went to Stephenville Canadian Tire I was told to bring it in and they would repair it. Well we got it back and it worked for one more snow storm and the wheels wouldn't turn.
    At this point we have used this new $2000.00 Troy Built snowthrower less than 4 hours.

    I phoned C T and complained once again, The manager, said that they would pick it up for repair but that we would have to pick it up to get it back home. If I could get it back home, I would have been able to get back to C T for repair in the first place.

    It will cost me $25.00 to get it back home .

    Since this $2000.00 Troy Built snowblower has been in a state of repair, My wife (over 65yrs) and myself have had to shovel our 300' drive by hand five times and today we have another storm that has filled our drive.
    Given the location," Newfoundland" you would think that C T would have had a loaner until our new $2000.00 Troy Built snowblower came back from repair.

    Come spring my wife and I will be buying a garden tracktor, all new garden tools possibly a Quad. I figure that we have another
    $10,000.00 to spend on equipment for our new home.
    We will deffinetly not be going to CTC anymore and we will be giving second thoughts to buying TROY BUILT products.
    I will also find another place to have my car serviced.

    The people who work there at Canadian Tire in Stephenville Newfoundland are having to work to the Canadian Tire way.
    These people are wonderful and have done there best to help, but then they have to live by C T C policy.
    Since this has happened to us we have heard nothing but negative reports about C T C. , and we have discovered a Sears outlet.
    Canadian Tire Stores are the "PiTs" no matter where you go.

    Well here we go out to shovel the driveway again. I pray each time that we live through this.

  • As
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    Well, it does say on the back of the reciept that returns will be made to a customer if the product is UNUSED and IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING within 90 days. If you took it out and used it, then CLEARLY it is no longer in the original packaging and it has been used. DUH! In that case, then the Manufactures Warranty would apply. The Manufactures (people who make the product you're buying) have set out there own warranties on how they want their so call "defective" products will be handled. It is almost always not Canadian Tire who will have those policies. If Customer Service returns it for you and gives you your money back, then the store will not reimbursed for it and the CUSTOMER SERVICE EMPLOYEES will have to answer to it for you. It also says that Canadian Tire will take things back, "To their discresion." There are signs posted in the store and it's on the back of your flipping receipt. If you're making a large purchase like that, then most people would check the return policy at customer service... I know I would if I was making a purchase that large at any store. It's just common sense to protect yourselft.

  • De
      2nd of Jun, 2008
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    I bought a golf set from Canadian Tire and two of the heads from the golf club broke and almost hit my kids. Canadian Tire would not return the product saying that it is used. Canadian Tire would not even acknowledge that it could be a potential for an accident where the heads to fly off hitting someone. Most arrogant Canadian Corporation

  • Ca
      9th of Jun, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Please NEW HOME OWNERS beware of purchasing big ticket items at Canadian Tire. I purchased my new home last year and was looking forward to putting in my first garden so I bought a Yard Works Electric Tiller. After asking the salesperson about the return policy, I was told I had 90 days to return it. When I went to start it -- it made a "poping" sound and died. I think the fuse blew. I followed the directions and made sure the outet was ok. Long and short of it is... I lugged it back to the store to return it and they refused to take it back... now I have a tiller that I can't take back and is a "straight to warrenty repair". PLEASE do not buy lawnmowers, tillers, any large items there. You will be out hundreds of dollars and still won't have what you need.

  • Er
      12th of Jun, 2008
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    I bought an A/C (Simplicity 5000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner) for $299 from Canadian Tire.

    I am very disappointed because it has a very little tray to collect the water; the water has to be manually disposed several times a day. I can live with that but my problem is that putting the bucket back is a real nightmare.

    Every time the hose inside gets stuck with the full bucket switch so the A/C won't start working again.

    I brought the A/C back to Canadian Tire and they say they can not take it back because it has been used.

    The manager was very arrogant. I definitely won't buy anything worth more than 99 dollars from them again.

    I hope this board can help other people to be aware about Canadian Tire unfair return policies.

  • Be
      13th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    1000% agree!

    I also faced the same problem in Becxx Hill (a new opening shop in Calgary NW) last night (at 20:20). The warranty policy, quality of service, attitude and culture are all wrong. I don't intend to write a long story about what happen to me -- it's about a defect (DOA: Dead on Arrival) $299 bicycle kept me back and forth CT 3 times during two weeks (20 minute of driving for one trip + carrying the bicycle, including some long raining days in Calgary). They told me: no return or exchange (by the time it's still within 7 days of purchase) only repair, but the repair work is poorest I have ever seen in the world. They don't even fix and just left it for you to find out (I found once in the store right in front of mechanical) then tell you that you're out of return or exchange period. The second time malfunction, I almost fall from the bike because the chain stock. There are serious scrach causing by the chain and foot paddle. What I am gonna to say is -- the thing happen even lead me a sleepless night due to the rude customer service oficer (The Front Desk Manager, Whitxx). She does not listen to customer / unable to handle the issue due to lack of knowledge -- even don't want to walk out the counter to check the defect but ask customer to fill the form for the problems / dosen't want to escalate the issue but want to be the boss and left the higher managers in behind / discriminate and tell customers no service tonight & see you tomorrow -- we shall tell people take serious conderation prior to buying from CT because of the non-reasonable warranty policy, poorest quality of service, unfriendly attitude and brokon Canadian Tire culture.

    A New Residence in Calgary Since end of Many 2008

  • Ra
      13th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Dude these guys are a bunches of [censored]ing ###s, all they are basically doing is steal your bloody cash that you worked so hard for. I [censored]ing bought a new house the grass wasnt moved for a month so it was about a foot tall...I never purchased anything from canadian tire so i decided to buy my first lawn mover from them...followed the instructions etc... set it all up filled the proper amount of oil and gas and started it then i used it for not even 30 minutes and it stopped took it back the next day to change it and that [censored]ing mother[censored]er said that i cant change it so he was gonna send it to the factory to get it fixed waited for 3 bloody weeks and they come back to me saying that i didnt put any oil in it so thats why it stopped working!!! I started laughing sooo hard cause it took them 3 weeks to come up with such a lame excuse, anyways dont ever buy anything from them to get to the bottom line, they are thieves stealing our hard earned money

  • Wo
      16th of Jun, 2008
    -1 Votes

    [censored] [censored] holy **** mother ******. I'm Romes and I am two years old and have the vocabulary of a dead snail. Did you add enough oil or even bother to check if you did or did you just assume it would run. Anyway hope I have taught you some new words idiot.

  • No
      21st of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    totally agree, there is no customer service at Canadian Tire...bought my dad a an electric Dethacher a week before Father's Day...gave it to him on his dad, tried it the next for 5 seconds, off for 5 mins and works for 5 seconds..keep shutting itself off...used my neighbor's before, hers work great. took it back for an exchange...can't, because it has past the 7 days, now I have to go through warranty repair...who know how long we have to wait. The purchase was made less then 2 weeks...any other retailer would have made the exchange. I have to go through all the same frustration as all of you have. I work in retail myself and should have known better, I feel sorry for their employee who have to deal with their crappy products and their policy.

    They do not stand by their product...of course we can return anything within 90 days, if you never use are we suppose to know it is working property if we don't use it? If if I knew it was defective, why would I buy it in the first place? Idiots!

    I will not shop at Canadian Tire again, unfortunately, I still have to deal with this warranty repair.

  • Jo
      26th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    - I went shopping for a cordless hedge trimmer. Ispotted one i thought i would like, it looked well made, felt right in the hand. Inspired my interest. Asked two ladies that were working in that dept, more info on the product. they both tried to accomadate my question's. They too were disappointed in this product marketing protocall. The product in Q. was the YardWorks 22in, 18Volt, cordless hedge trimmer.
    - here are the shortcomings for this product, for a consumer to buy.
    1) Hedge trimmer in box, but WITHOUT ; rechargeable battery and without the battery charger. dah! what is wrong with this picture?
    2) each item is sold seperately, from the trimmer. you should check out the price for those two individual items, you will probably give your head a shake.
    - needless to say, they never recieved a sale on this item from me. If i was stupid enough to purchase one.
    not to mention they never even had a battery nor charger, in stock, to fit this item.
    Sa La Vee
    potential customer
    Joe Hipfner

  • Te
      3rd of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    The reason that Canadian Tire has a strict return policy on lawn trimmers is because people figure that they can "rent" them. I'm not saying you, but others are more than happy than to buy a lawn mower, cut their grass and then return it. As for the exchange, it should be no problem within 7 days for all products. However, products carried by Canadian Tire may carry seperate manufacturer warranties after the initial 7 days. The customer service representatives have access to the warranties to all products carried in the store. If you, the customer is not satisfied with the product within the 7 days and do not want to exchange it you can expect an in store credit, again to prevent those who "rent" products.

    If you shop at Canadian Tire you should check the warranties on the following products before purchasing:
    Video recorders/cameras
    Lawn Mowers

  • An
      26th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Canadian Tire Flin Flon - Crystal McKay a clerk at Canadian Tire, uses her position to get other's people's boyfriend's names and add them to her facebook.

    I called in and reported it to the store manager & he wanted to know what it had to do with his store. Duh, she works for him. Crystal clearly knew he was my boyfriend and clearly knew he was new in town.

    If you have a handsome husband or boyfriend, do not place a special order in this store where your name will be given, he may be added next.

  • Ss
      23rd of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    Here you can read my complaint :

    COMPLAINT to Canadian Tire, Hunterhorn Drive, Calgary

    On August 23 – 2008 I dropped a tire for repairing on front-right side. It was only deflated. Next day I came back for picking-up the tire and I went to Black Diamond, where I stayed one month to work. Next day I installed the tire back on my car and my steering wheel vibrate a lot. I couldn’t come back right away because I was very busy to my job in Black Diamond .
    One month later I came to Canadian Tire to tell them they forgot to balance my wheel … They check it and they said : “Yes it wasn’t balanced”. After that my tire didn’t vibrate any more my steering wheel …
    Now I ‘m asking you how is that possible to pay for repairing and balance my tire, and actually to not balance my tire … ?
    On December 19 – 2008 I came again to Canadian Tire for a different tire, on rear-back side. I felt a big hopping (jumping) on my rear side of my car … I dropped my tire and I came back on December 21 to pick it up. I asked that person if it is something bad and he said “ It’s all right now …”
    I installed it back on my car and … I felt the same big jumping … nothing changed …!!!
    Next day, on December 22, I came again to Canadian Tire to ask what is happening …
    I met Mr. WANE and I asked him why my tire it is not fixed and why they said “Your tire it’s very good now ? “
    He said “It’s not our fault and maybe it’s something wrong with your car …
    I said my car is good because I changed that “jumper” wheel with a different one and everything it’s good, no hopping …
    I asked him why they didn’t check better my wheel and to tell me cannot be fixed ?
    In that moment he became irritated and he told me “I have to deal with many people in every day, I am exhausted to explain to everybody …
    I said “ I’m computer technician for a big store in Calgary and I’m dealing like you with a lot of people in every day, and If they have a complaint I have to explain them WHY and HOW ….
    He became nervous and said : “ I’m not coming to your job to tell you what you have to do !! “
    I said : “ If we cannot fix a computer we are not charging any penny and we explain why that computer cannot be fixed …. We never charge for a bad work like you, and then to lie that everything it’s OK … “
    And anyway I never been nervous with a customer like you …
    He started to talk loudly with me and he asked me if that tire is installed on the car …
    I asked him why he is more nervous than me and why he talk louder that me …
    In the next moment he said “ GET LOST “ and he left me slammed the door hardly ….
    I was shocked … I never seen something like that in Canada …!!!

    If I would be only half rude, nervous and impertinent like this guy I would be fired immediately
    I cannot understand how you can have this kind of employees, incompetent and aggressive … This non-educated guy should go work hidden in a warehouse, not to work for you in a customer service position …
    I think your standards and requirements regarding hiring people are very low …

    Theodor Stoica December 23 - 2008

  • Vi
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    My name is paul d. I Worked in canadian Tire store for 15 years and Last store i worked was six years.Corporation changed owner thee times in six years and every time they change dealer, dealer changes policy either cut employee or terminate them because it is matter of the owner whether dealer like the employee or not.Canatian tire employee do not have job security at all.Corpotaion do not have any polity to protect employee.The last owner came to the store, I worked for him only three month and one day he called me and said, here is your six week pay and we let you go.I have lost my job after six years of hard work only being worked for three month.How much he will know me such a short period of time.
    This is the policy they have in their business as like as the warranty of products.If you call head office, they will tell you that store is responsible for it not the head office because store is owned by dealer.
    This is the delima of Canadian Tire ...shame .I stayed in Canadian Tire such a long time and this is the mistake I made.It is never too late.I am thinking to go Home Depot and start all over again and our "Ametican Brother will give more protection than our oun Canadian Company.

  • Mi
      15th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi there,

    I am contacting you today in regard to the worst customer service I have ever received in any store in my life.

    Saturday, June 13, 2009 I went to return a SuperCycle I purchased in your Squamish BC store in early May of the same year. I paid $99.99 plus tax for it, and was excited that I was going to ride a bike again (it had been almost 15 years since I rode a bike, and was quite the novice). I went to Canadian Tire, because I have been raised with it's quality products and service and figured for someone with not a lot of money, and new to mountain biking. Simple would be the way I would go in case I wasn't keen on riding.

    After four rides (no more than 5km's each), I have been through 4 back tire tubes, one even exploded when I sat down immediately after being replaced (I am 5"9 and 110 lbs so it wasn't weight)...My boyfriend and I discussed the fact that there may be a spur in the wheel rim, and I should return it for a more expensive albeit still beginner bicycle. I went back to the Canadian Tire in Squamish BC, to return and upgrade.

    I had my receipt on me, my warranty mailed in, and the bike (with the exception of a blown back tire #4), clean and in perfect condition. Not only was the manager the rudest man I have ever met...He wouldn't exchange anything..wouldn't repair the tire, the tube, or allow me to spend more money in the store on a more expensive model. I was told that because I used the bike I was not allowed to bring it back. I said to this "manager" that of course I used it - how else was I to know it was defective (at this time I would like to point out, in my frustration that I swore...I am not a rich person, and the fact he was giving me attitude and no solution, I got very upset)... I live in Pemberton and his response to my tire was that I never should have ridden it after the first tire blew. I then re-explained I was a novice, and thought it was my fault...It wasn't until the 4th tube I realised there was something wrong.

    I told the manager I would walk to the back of the store, spend close to $300 more if he could help me out by exchanging (I was even looking at a simple repair by then), he said no. Flat out NO. So what did I do? In my sheer anger and frustration that a multi million dollar company wouldn't help out a novice cyclist with a $100 bicycle, I left it there at the "customer service" desk, and told him and the clerk, to donate the bike to a less fortunate child but to fix the tire first... I then told him to enjoy my $100 of hard earned money. I got in my car, and went and spent close to $1000 dollars at a Corsa Cycle.

    I have been telling everyone I meet, EVERYONE, that this manager wouldn’t help me out...That he wouldn't take it back and allow me to spend more money there...That he was rude, and unwelcoming... The word on the street?? Apparently, this is typical behaviour for the store. A Canadian Tire I’ve spent $1000's of dollars in the last year and a half (new tires included), has the reputation in the Sea to Sky Corridor of having poor customer service and managers with attitudes.

    I guess you do get what you paid for...Crap service, and a crappy SuperCycle.

    I only wish I knew the managers name... But I was in the store between 1-2pm Saturday June 13, 2009 Squamish BC. I won’t describe him, because there wasn't anything nice to say about this man...But check your schedule. Only one man dealt with an absolutely frustrated and angry woman who left a bicycle behind and went somewhere else.

    I will NEVER shop in Canadian Tire again. NEVER. I wish I still had the receipt to include in this fax, but I left it on the counter along with the manual. I may be $100 poorer, but it’s worth it to leave a place with such dissatisfactory service.

  • Br
      11th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    To whom it may concern

    Yesterday I went to the Hanover Canadian Tire store to pick up some shock absorbers that were on sale. After taking them up to the cashier the price came up at the regular price so off I went back to the parts counter. There I was greeted by a nice young man who went off to find the order on them. I had already phoned the night before and was told they were in. The young man double checked to make sure they were the right ones for my truck. Indeed they were. In the mean time this older gentleman Ron asked me twice whwhere my bill was and did I pay for them yet? I said I didn, t have a bill and did not pay for them yet because of the price difference. Ron remarked gruffly that they wouldn, t be in the flyer because they weren't on sale. Thrugh some time everything came up that the shocks were indeed on sale and was told to take the bills to the check out.Ron just tossed the bills to me without an explanation or appaulogy.
    I might add that this too place before and after11:am yesterday. Also the cashier was very friendly and mentioned that "maybe the low end shocks were on sale and possibly not the high end Monroes.

    I think I was treated very poorly by Ron who was I would say ignorant to me and topping it off by almost throwing the bills at me. If I didn't need these shocks I would have left them on the counter.
    This man gives Canadian Tire a bad name.
    All three people I dealt with here were genuinely people persons.


    Brent Somerville

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