Canada Post / time sensitive mail not delivered and possibly lost


On december 18, I sent a very time sensitive letter by express mail via canada post and was told that this would be guaranteed delivered on december 21. Upon checking the tracking status of the letter on december 23rd, I was surprised to find that the package was in transit. I followed up with canada post on december 24 and they were unable to track down the package for me. I repeatedly called canada post that day underscoring all the while that the package if not delivered would have financial implications which I will hold canada post liable for. They said they would create a ticket and someone would call me, but no body did. Instead they sent me a stupid email asking me to send them the delivery mail address. Are you kidding me? You should know the address you guaranteed delivery to on december 21! This proves to me that canada post has lost my letter and I intend to hold them liable for this. I am disgusted with canada post in that they are incapable of delivering on their core business which is delivering mail. This company is run by a bunch of incompetent, lazy slobs and everyone there should be fired.

Dec 24, 2015

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