Canada Post Mail Carrier / does not deliver mail on time or sometimes not at all

Oshawa, ON, Canada

Last March 2013 we moved into our new apartment in south Oshawa. Where the mail gets delivered into boxes by the main door, well everyday the mailman takes an outrageous amount of time to deliver the mail sometimes he doesn't show up till 4 or 5 if we are even lucky enough to have him show up at all, just this week he never delivered any mail one day and is now a day behind but is refusing to catch up and give us out mail from the day of (today is Friday but we will only receive Thursdays mail today) he even holds on to people's checks until the day they are suppose to have them, there are a lot of people on ontario works in this building an I ear them talk about how their checks get sent out a week before the first but the mail carrier doesn't give them their checks until the day of even if he had it before hand, isn't this illegal? We would really like something done about him but when we call canada post they either send you to different departments and give you the run around or they hang up on you.

Mar 14, 2014

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