Canada Postforwarding mail unauthorized

C Nov 27, 2017

Ticket # [protected]

November 15, I became apprised of a mail forward put into place by my 16 year old daughter that happened in August. She was trying to intercept mail from her high school. All school documents have been diverted to date, and my bills, visa and bank information have been forwarded.
I received a call back from Security stating that they would immediately stop the mail forwarding service as it was entered into with a minor. My daughter forwarded the mail to my ex husbands girlfriends house. Many of my bills, visa, and bank information had gone to this address, and I have only received 1 piece of mail from that address, which was a telus bill. That had a yellow sticker stating that mail had been forwarded. I am the guardian, per court order, and have authorized no such forwarding.
Mail is still being diverted to that address and sensitive and vulnerable information is being taken. My visa, bank statements, and vital legal and school information is not coming to me.
Canada Post will not return my calls, and has still not stopped this service ON MY MANY MANY MANY requests!!! I want to receive my mail and not have my privacy breached and given to anyone who requests it, especially a minor. Canada post was remiss in their protocol and have entered into a contract to steal and divert information, highly secure information. Just because this is a family member does not give Canada Post authorization to forward any such mail.

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