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Canada Post / won't deliver parcels

1 Edmonton 1270, Alberta, Canada Review updated:

For a long time now I have been unable to persuade Canada Post to deliver parcels to me even though they have been well paid to do just that. I live in an apartment and I am being punished by lazy Posties who refuse to make the effort to just ring the buzzer or even try to knock on the door. I have complained to the Post outlet given on the notice but they are Pakis who just stand there with a glazed look on their eyes and do not attempt to find my mail unless I pretty much point out the package to them. Is there some magic thing I can do to compell Canada Post to deliver the mail they are paid to? Who can I talk to in person at the post office? Yesterday (Dec 17) I waited all day for delivery only to yet again be foiled by the elusive postie who stealthely hangs the notice card and flees. As per usual they did not tear off the label that should be applied to the parcel so of course when I went to the post office to try and get it the Pakis refused to even look because the label had not been applied by the Postie. They told me to call the 1 800 number which of course just tells me Canada post is closed - please try later. I tried again today with the same results. I guess you are closed alot at this time of the year but the recording doesn't even tell me when you might be open next. I tried to track the package by phone but your system would not take the id number I have. I also tried online with the same refusal given. You guys are the PERFECT "no" machine. Can anyone tell me how I can start ACTUALLY getting the mail I pay for? I have spent many trips in the last couple of years going to the office where my undelivered mail goes to and often I come away empty handed because the Pakis can't be bothered to put in any effort to reach down and pick up my package. The frustration I experience is considerable and you guys should owe me quite alot of money back since your failure to deliver. I am leaving for holidays and expected this very important package and now of course you guys screwed me yet again and by the time I get back my package will be sent back again. That is the cruelest irony: often my undelievered package sits there so long because the Pakis can't find it and then it is sent back. I doubt very much anyone will call me but I am requesting a call from Canada Post to see if they might try a little customer service since they have been well paid for it. Again my cell is . My latest package which can not be tracked (as usual) The delivery person put no information of any kind on the notice. No time, why it was not delivered, didn't tear off the label so of course the post office where it is supposed to be said they can't help me. You guys are not reachable by phone so I am reduced to having to send e-mail. Your goal is Customer Service?

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  • Da
      21st of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Thanks for writing the above- since it is, about verbatim, my complaint also. Don't know what form it may take, but when karma gets around to Canada Post for ripping off Canadians who pay absurd prices for non-existent services, my heart won't bleed a damn bit.
    Re: Post Office 382132
    White Rock

  • Fr
      24th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I know the service in Edmonton is awful but the racial comments are not needed to make point. I too have had enough and have tried to communicate with postal employees whose first language is neither English nor French and have had no sucess in getting a clear communication or answer. If the Post Office wishes to avoid giving service or clear answers it has suceeded by hiring people who are unable to properly and clearly communicate.

  • St
      24th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I stand by my evaluation and care no more now for their condescending ### service then I did back then. Their attitude and work effort (lack of) offends me and am entitled to dislike their body odor and curry breath and their lazy work ethics. This country was built on hard work by many people of different cultures but these people want to just swoop in and enjoy the fruits of all of the hard work before them that shaped what we have. There should be a minimal number of them allowed and if I could have them banned I would. Have recently moved to the US for a stint and the Postal Service here is so much better than at home in Canada. My Mom passed away last November and the day after she did a parcel was delivered THAT WAS DATED 2 YEARS PRIOR! It contained precious photos of her family that she really wanted but the pakis in Edmonton would not deliver it for what ever reasons as usual. I have no like for the pakis at all.

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