Canada Post / delivery time 13 weeks instead of 7 days

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Canada Post says, international letter mail would usually be delivered within 7 days. I had many cases where my letter mail was shipped by ground service, what means with a ship (!!!) to Europe. Therefore, delivery times can take up to 13 weeks (my own experience), what is ridiculous. Every letter mail the other way around reached me within 7 days.

I also experienced many times delivery of letter mail within Canada to take up to 2 weeks, in rare cases almost 3 weeks.

Letter mail to destinations in United States can take up to 3 weeks as well.

This makes Canada Post the slowest, and worst mail service I ever experienced since the 1990 years.

  • Updated by Volker Foerster, Nov 28, 2017

    Canada Post stated delivery time is

Nov 28, 2017

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