Camping Worldwarranty service after buying brand new thor classic c

Leveling jacks malfunction-"retract failure"

... also needed to have them remounted higher - they drag during dips and humps.

Sewer outlet - manufacturers defect - nozzle will not clear to connect through floor - threaded access hole not lined up.

Front left storage door lock not working.

Inside. Across from refer. Why an access, snap in panel vs a door on hinges or drawer? Also a knick on that panel.

Tear in vinyl flooring.

Dinette seat storage. Door uneven, rubbing on stile/rail of cabinet.

Is it normal for the firewall inside cabin passenger side to get so hot?

June: 1st advisor that received our RO was a much older man (super nice). Seemed that all items would be quickly addressed and resolved.
Subsequent calls ...waiting on parts from factory... really? It's WARRANTY WORK.

I called to follow up, no phone calls from advisor to update me. Apparently we are in line for repairs due to the hail storm that damaged many other customers' RVs. Again, REALLY? How does warranty work get put behind insurance claim work?

Multiple calls to follow up, always waiting on parts from Thor.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lubbock, TX You've got to be kidding! How is it that you can't expedite these for a BRAND NEW coach?

I had to take the coach for a small trip to NM that had been planned WAY IN ADVANCE (and the coach would've easily been repaired by then); a side window had shattered and the only cover your service people did was tape a garbage bag over it and park it back outside. I had to fashion a plywood panel to fit so that it would be better protected, and how does that tape adhesive being baked in our extreme sun affect the clear coat on a BRAND NEW COACH!?

Stopped by since no phone calls are being returned (our case had been transferred to a very nice lady and I met with her a couple of months ago), no service advisor available, I was able to find and inspect the repairs to my list, still unsure of what's been done. Left note with advisor to call me. Another advisor asked if he could help and looked into the file for me, and he saw that we are still waiting on 2 VERY SMALL PARTS from Thor.
I have yet to receive any type of communication since. Why is it that I HAVE TO INITIATE communication when I am the one who spent OVER $80, 000 with your Camping World?

My coach has been sitting outside on your lot since June, minus one weekend. I never planned on keeping it stored outside (I have indoor storage for it). Now it has been such for the entire first year, mostly not in my possession.

Is there a lemon law that we can impose here and just replace the unit?

We had many choices of where to buy and chose Camping World because of its vast network and service capabilities. I guess that was inappropriate thinking. At this point, everyone who asks us about our new coach, we are inclined to discourage potential buyers from purchasing from Camping World.

Dec 11, 2018

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