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I bought a brand new Wildwood x-lite about a year and a half ago. The camper was in the service department the first 8 months more than it was in my possession. To this day, the camper is still not grounded and will shock you if you touch the metal door depending on if you are standing on the ground or not. The plumbing leaked in the bath sink on our first trip the day we picked it up. Electrical components not working, etc. We took it in to have all things repaired and when they called weeks later to say that it had been fixed, none of it had. We had to return it again. Then we picked it up to go on a longer trip and the plumbing was still leaking and all the original items had still not been addressed after they called and said it was ready while they had it for at least a month. I called to let them know and they said they had mixed it up with another camper and No one had touched mine and to bring it back when we returned the following week. One jack would fail, then the other. Take it in the fix that jack, then the other would fail. Electrical problem here, electrical problem there... Then they lost our keys and had to change the hardware on the doors to the cheapest plastic crap they could find. The biggest issue is that the slide leaked. Now we have had water damage multiple times from two different problems. Brought it to them. Weeks or months later..."your camper is ready..." and the slide still leaks when we pick it up. Then they informed us that we are not the only ones. Wildwood (Forest River) used some defective parts on the slide that came off a particular production line. These are Camping World's words.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Calera, ALStill being under warranty, I had had enough and demanded that this unit was a lemon and to get Forest River involved if need be. They needed to get me a camper that did not have water damage and defective parts. They refused and offered to give me a very small amount of money for me to pay the loan on the camper for the time it had been in the shop with them. They never repaired the water damage. They claimed they repaired the slide but just a few months in storage and the camper is now destroyed! It is useless! Totaled! I had several questions about why the seal did not look right at the bottom when I picked it up and the service tech claimed that they had to work on the seal a lot to get it to close properly after the repair and assured me that it did not leak and that was the goal. Looking back, I was very foolish to believe anything they said but these guys work on these every day and this is the first one I have ever bought and know nothing about them. Now, they are claiming that it is out of warranty and they will not do anything. One of the employees suggested that I committ insurance fraud to make a false claim and they would come as close to that figure from the insurance company as possible. My wife specifically asked if we needed a slide cover after the repair and they said no, that it had been fixed. They only said no because they knew I would ask for them to supply it due to the history of the bad camper and bad service. Now, the tech is saying that if we had a slide cover, it would have prevented this. I am just heart broken that my 20k+ investment is ruined and I still owe thousands more than I could get if it wasn't. Should I continue to pay monthly for something that Camping World ruined for the next every month for 4 more years??? This is not right at all.

May 01, 2017

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