Camelcamel snus frost

I am a loyal camel snus frost consumer since 2008. Recently the last few tins i have purchased have been way below "par"...upon putting a pouch in my mouth, within 5-10 minutes one end of the pouch opens up and all the enclosed tobacco goes all over my mouth. This is not just one or two pouches in a tin, but every one of them (!) I typically enjoy the pouch for around 2 hours before disposing of it. I intentionally buy camel snus pouches because i do not like loose dip.the fact that the pouches break immediately completely defeats the purpose of buying your pouches! Thia has occurred for at least the last 5 tins that i have bought. I thought it might be a fluke, however 5 out of 5 is no accident...i even purchase them at different stores, to no avail. Is this a conscience change that your company has made or am i just THAT unlucky...the tins are not cheap and am very hesistant to purchase anymore of your product...the code on the latest tin is: DO102MD8. Please respond to me @ [protected] or [protected] and let me know what is going on, i will wait on your response before i waste my money on anothe tin of camel snus frost (small ones)...until then i am going to try other brands...hope to hear from you soon and hope that this problem is just a fluke...thank you, nat spencer

Jun 08, 2018

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