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Camel Complaints & Reviews

Camel / Camel menthol

Oct 12, 2019

Why are camel menthol and silvers identical packing now?! My husband bought a pack about a month ago gets home and starts yelling because they gave him silvers. I laugh it off and tell him he should have looked at them. Thing is it's not like they are in your have before you purchase them...

Camel / color in cigarette pack

Oct 11, 2019

The new cigarette pack where you want people to color them in, first of all which adult is gonna take their time to color in a cigarette pack?!? Its feels like your product is being made to attract children to it I disagree with the color your own pack as it seems you want children to be...

Camel / camel snus - frost large

Sep 30, 2019

from: [protected] I have been buying these pouches for years and average about a pack (15 pouches) per day. Over the past couple years they have always been great but in the last few months, I have purchased several tins that contain ripped up pouches in them. Sometimes a tin will...

Camel / camel "blue"... camel "silver crush"

Sep 27, 2019

Could you please get a message to the idiots, responsible for changing the exterior packaging, to quit changing the look of the packs. So many times I have gone to tobacco shop and have been given the wrong packs because the "silver menthol crush" looks so much like the lighter "silver...

Camel / coupons

Sep 13, 2019

It was my birthday this month and was sent an email to claim a 2.50 off mobile coupon. Go to redeem it and I can't because I have a Newport account also. Which shouldn't matter. Why are you sending me coupons I can't redeem. I don't understand mobile coupons anyway they suck. I buy...

Camel / camel snus winterchill

Sep 07, 2019

I bought a roll and one of the cans in the roll did not have the plastic seal on it... I have five other cans that pouches have been busted and i have not been able to even put them in my mouth... Then there r some that the seal is so thin they bust in my mouth so this is six cans i have...

Camel Tobacco / camel menthol crush silvers

Aug 18, 2019

Figured i'd put my 2 cents (as a devout smoker of camel crush menthol silvers for the better part of a decade¬hing else whatsoever) but figured id complain & publicly state for those non smokers or smokers of other brands etc (whom acted like I was ridiculous & nuts when I told them I...

Camel / camel crush menthol silvers

Aug 09, 2019

Have been smoking camel crush menthol silver since they first came out. It was around the time Tobacco companies had to comply with fire safety regulations. Whatever changed then made the taste different. I can only smoke a camel crush because the ball hides that taste whatever it is. The...

Camel / camel activate

Aug 06, 2019

Good day I have been smoking camel for years, camel activate, mint for the last 2 years and ever since the new packaging I found a ripped and teared cigarette from a sealed box? I am disgusted if that is what I pay R36 a box for, and it is not the first time I have experienced this with...

Camel / camel activate

Jul 29, 2019

We buy a lot of Camel activate purple every week. I have been so disappointed with them lately, I buy these cigarettes because of the taste of the purple coming through but in order for the cigarettes to have this amazing taste you need to "pop" the little ball on the inside of the...

Camel / website

Jul 23, 2019

i have been locked out can not get back in but i get the emails from this company and coupons also how can i fix this problem i have been locked out of other tobacco web sights for the same company i dont understand if i can get a email why cant i log in i want to log in without being...

Camel / defect cigarette in my pack

Jul 18, 2019

I bought a pack of camel 99 full flavor today .one of the cigarettes specifically the lucky I flip every time...The cigarette itself is smokable but the paper wrapping around the filter has a bunch of flaps. Almost like It may have gotten two filter paper things wrapped around and it...

Camel / camel menthol crush

Jul 15, 2019

Within a month I have bought two packs of camel menthol crush from two different stores where the filters came apart from the cigarette. You could pull the filters right off. They weren't attached in anyway. I'm contemplating switching to a different brand as this has happened not once but...

Camel / camel rich

Jul 15, 2019

I purchased a pack of rich to try them out. They were not as rich as advertised. I was very disappointed in the product. Will not purchase these again. I have been a camel smoker for years. They should have a full flavor and a bolder menthol. I was not impressed and wasted my money. Just...

Camel / camel activate double

Jul 12, 2019

Good day I would to bring to your attention that i bought a packet of my cigarettes that i smoke which is the Camel Double, and 2 cigarettes in the packet did not have the popping sensation - its suppose to be Mint and Betty, there was no pop in whatsoever. I bought the cigarettes at Pick...

Camel / customer service

Jul 02, 2019

I can not recover my account with security answer.. Maybe I misspelled my answer but I still should have more than 1 option & that only 1 is a recording . And then when I called the customer service number always a robot that sends you right back to the website. So I make a new email and...

Camel / camel lights with a herb taste like basil something

Jun 20, 2019

I bought two packs of camel lights and the first pack fine but the next pack I open I hit once and gagged I put it out and thought what was that taste?! I thought maybe it's me but I let a friend who smokes to hit one without saying anything they said it tastes like my essential oils, they...

Camel / mobile coupons

Jun 14, 2019

Wtf? For mobile coupons the little card from my pack of camel menthol crush (full flavor) states: So the site has nothing but a phone number to call "and we'll gladly assist you" What a joke! All the damn message says is to go to! Who the hell is in charge of the cluster...

Camel / rj reynolds tobacco

Jun 13, 2019

I am so frustrated I've called in multiple times and have been told my account has been locked with all RJ Reynolds website for an unknown reason. Every time I call and they just say there's nothing they can do no solution. I asked can I get verification. Their responses nope. I asked can...

Camel / camel coupons online

May 29, 2019

Hello, I have been using my camel account for years. I love getting the coupons. For some reason about a month ago I have been locked out of my account. When I call the 800 number they say that there is nothing they can do and have no idea why my account is locked. I've tried twice. Please...

Camel / camel menthol silver

May 18, 2019

The new packaging is dumb. Why would you make 2 diffrent kinds of smokes have such similar packaging? I am constantly getting the wrong ones now because if I'm in a hurry and dont take out my glasses to read the small silver part thrn half the timr I get the wrong ones. How could someone...

Camel / camel crush menthol

May 02, 2019

Who ever approved the new black box design needs to be fired. I smoke the Camel crush menthol but have gotten the Camel crush menthol silvers multiple time wasting money because the packs look to similar. It is confusing for employees as well as customers. So sick of buying the wrong pack...

Camel / camel menthol

Apr 23, 2019

My name is Joy. I have been smoking camel menthols for close to 15 years. My grandfather also enjoyed your brand. However as happy as we have always been to enjoy your products. The new packaging is too similar to the camel menthol silvers. So therefore employees keep getting my pack...

Camel / online website and mobile app

Apr 20, 2019

I have called your company now three times, [protected]. Twice I spoke to women that said my account was corrected with my new last name. Was Thommesen is now Brown. I tried registering each time but only took me to the contact phone #. The last gentleman stated I could not access my account...

Camel / menthol crush

Apr 20, 2019

I have enjoyed camel crush menthol since they came out, love the product. Although you have forgotten the aptitude of the people selling your product day by day. They are not intelligent enough to tell the difference in the packaging. The younger ones really don't care, or there on there...

Camel / crush menthol

Apr 18, 2019

This has happened a few times. I ask for camel menthol and get the camel crush. First of all it's ridiculously annoying that a whole line of cigarettes are called camel crush. It used to be camel crush and camel bold were separate than camel menthol. But now it's like can I get a pack of...

Camel / camel crush menthol silver

Apr 16, 2019

The new black box version of these cigarettes are horrible. Not only did the box change but the recipe changed too. They taste different and does not compare in the slightest to the old cigarettes. It makes it ten times harder to buy the cigarettes and they dont taste right. I wish you...

Camel / camel menthol pack redesign

Mar 27, 2019

I've been a loyal camel customer for about 10yrs now & you're about to lose my loyalty to your company. So i've now been scouring the internet looking for a complaint form to tear you guys a new 1, because this problem has become far too common place than it should... I really hope you'll...

Camel Crush Menthol / new packaging sucks

Mar 18, 2019

I have bought cigarettes 3 x and the store workers have given me menthol silver bc your company made the new packaging so like that of the new regular menthol packaging. This has happened numerous times and causes me (the buyer of your product) unnecessary inconvenience and stress in order...

Camel / camel crush cigarettes

Mar 01, 2019

I am very disappointed in the camel crush cigarettes. I've smoked them for years and they have got to the point that I cannot hardly crush them any more. I have been having to take a marker and push down on them as hard as I can to get it to crush!! I will not be buying any more of these...

Camel / camel menthol crush

Feb 22, 2019

Ever since the box change, I constantly am given the wrong cigarettes. I keep receiving camel menthol crush silver instead of camel menthol crush it's become very annoying. I've had to go back out and get new packs or smoke ones I don't enjoy. It happens every time ever since the box...

Camel / website

Feb 10, 2019

I haven't been able to get the camel website to load. It worked wednesday, but has been down since thursday. I've checked each day since but it's still down. Do you know when it will be working again? Every time I try loading it now it says that the site is under construction but should be...

Camel / camel menthol packaging

Feb 04, 2019

Recently Camel changed a lot about the packaging of their cigarettes, mainly the menthols. i smoke what used to be the green camel menthols and since the packaging has been changed pretty much all the menthols have the same 3 colors and its hard for the gas station clerk and even myself...

Camel / camel menthol

Feb 04, 2019

This was the email I just sent to Camel "I would like to take some time to quickly tell your company how much I absolutely HATE your new Camel Menthol packaging. The old saying"don't fix something that isn't broke"comes to mind. Ever since the new packaging came out, ATLEAST 10 times now...

Camel / camel crush silvers/new packing the worst

Feb 02, 2019

So I just bought two packs of cigarettes, in a hurry, due the the line building behind me at the gas station. The cashier had a hard time figuring out the crush packs after I stated clearly what I came in for...and the packs I'm holding are "Menthol" not "Menthol Silver". I asked for Camel...

Camel / menthol/menthol silver packaging

Feb 01, 2019


Camel / camel crush regular/menthol

Jan 31, 2019

I am a smoker of camel crush regular/menthol cigarettes. I share with my wife because she likes menthol and I like regular.. been a satisfied customer up until about 6 months... I'm getting more and more defective cigarettes as time passes that are already popped to menthol flavor which i...

Camel / camel blues

Jan 30, 2019

Thank you Camel for helping me quit smoking your product!!! Been smoking camels for over 20yrs but along with the new packaging, I've immediately noticed the airy, bitterness, instant headache, and nauseated feeling I get when smoking the new Camel Blues. I thought I bought a bad batch but...

Camel / new boxes of camel crush cigarettes are too confusing for cashiers!

Jan 30, 2019

I really wish the company would go back to the Green and White Camel Crush Menthol boxes. I am constantly being sold the wrong box of cigarettes because cashiers can't tell the difference. I just left a store that was out of my flavor of cigarettes and they didn't even realize it because...

Camel / camel crush menthol camel crush menthol silver

Jan 18, 2019

I personally feel that the new packaging released for these two packs of cigarettes is too identical, it was quick, easy and fast to spot my cigarettes. Now I can't just grab my cigarettes and walk out the door, the packaging is so close to being the same I don't give my cashiers a hard time but this has pushed me to want to quit smoking, thank you