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Complaints & Reviews

Different filters and taste

I got some camel blue smokes from benidorm and the filters dont have any of the light spots anymore they are just a solid colour. The taste is horrible now too. What's actually changed in them because they are horrible now? This is unacceptable

Camel silver crush constantly changing boxes

Because of this I kerp getting the wrong cigarettes and it's frustrating bc you change SO OFTEN abd little minute differences the sales ppl have trouble giving out the right ones. I now have to go back, after I just got home from work, and exchange them. It is very upsetting as I did not want to leave my home again tonight. My email is [protected]


Dear sirs: have been using camel snus for years. I like the no spit flavor and convince. But have to bring a problem that I've been having to your attention. For the past months I've had the packets have been opening at the ends! When this happens my mouth gets the snus in it. Nothing like having a mouth full of debris floating around on your teeth. I find this unacceptable. Snus is not cheap and I feel like I'm being ripped off! I think someone needs to 5-S your process to find then figure out how to Eliminate this issue. I have been trying other brands and will continue to. I prefer your product but can't except debris floating around the inside of my mouth.

online coupons

Hi, i am a life time smoker of Camel. So when i see coupons, i use them. Online coupons are great, if they would work. I always get error messages. For example, just now, i got the error message try again later S62.
This happens a lot. Sometimes the coupons work, sometimes they dont.
This problem needs to be fixed.
If a company offers something, it needs to be accessible and work.

camel activate double (purple)

Beginning of January 2020 I bought a carton of Camel Activate Double (Purple). I am now halfway through the carton i.e. on the 5th packet already and all of the cigarettes are damaged. Neither of the two (2) buttons to "activate" the menthol etc. are able to be pushed/broken, leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth.
My email address: [protected]
Cell phone number: +27 [protected]
Desired resolution: refund for damaged goods

camel crush - mobile coupons

Disappointed and confused as to why camel's website is so temperamental in regards to mobile coupons. With the coupons having such short expiration dates, I rarely am able to utilize all coupons bc the website gives me an error code and says location must be on. I checked my settings on phone and location was turned on and for the browser I was using. I have called camel twice about this issue and was told the first time that it was a software system update issue on their end and then was told the next representative I talked to said he would make a note of the issue. I asked reps to mail me coupons for the ones I missed and was told they no longer mail coupons out.

camel snus

Hello my name is Jonathan and I am a die hard Camel costomer, and fan of all that is Camel. I recently bought a can of mellow snus fifteen count pouches as usual I use an enjoy daily however this last can I had just purchased from a local sheets convenient store and gas station was sealed funny with a few of the pouches being stuck inside the seal and were damaged beyond use and to be honest the entire can seemed to have a different taste almost like a rubberish tinge I suppose. Anyhow I went back to the sheets location I had purchased the snus from to let them know there may have been a problem with more of the stock. I also tried to get my can exchanged and I was told to contact you guys. I will remain a costomer regardless of the outcome. I just thought maybe you all should know. As to perhaps maybe check machines this particular can had ran through. Ok well hope not to many cans of snus were damaged and I hope I was helpful in the way possibly stoping damaged product from reaching more retailers with your product on their shelves. Thanks for your time and an awesome product.
Jonathan Lake
7201 Allentown Blvd
Harrisburg, Pa 17112

The store is located on rt 22 down the road from me

camel snus

camel menthol

Why are camel menthol and silvers identical packing now?! My husband bought a pack about a month ago gets home and starts yelling because they gave him silvers. I laugh it off and tell him he should have looked at them. Thing is it's not like they are in your have before you purchase them. Yesterday I went to town and bought myself and my friend a pack of smokes. Toss them in my purse and forget about them until my other pack is out. Pull it out today FREAKING SILVERS! what a waste of money we won't smoke these and now we have to get in the car and go get smokes AGAIN! Please change the packaging so they don't look the same!

color in cigarette pack

The new cigarette pack where you want people to color them in, first of all which adult is gonna take their time to color in a cigarette pack?!? Its feels like your product is being made to attract children to it I disagree with the color your own pack as it seems you want children to be playing with cigarette packs which is highly disturbing and should be changed back to a normal cigarette pack

camel snus - frost large

from: [protected]

I have been buying these pouches for years and average about a pack (15 pouches) per day. Over the past couple years they have always been great but in the last few months, I have purchased several tins that contain ripped up pouches in them. Sometimes a tin will have 3-4 ripped pouches with tobacco everywhere inside and I have to throw them away of course.

Is there something different in production or a reason why this is happening?

It's a bit frustrating and I am curious to understand why this is newly happening. Please email me back at [protected]

Thanks in advance

camel "blue"... camel "silver crush"

Could you please get a message to the idiots, responsible for changing the
exterior packaging, to quit changing the look of the packs. So many times I
have gone to tobacco shop and have been given the wrong packs because
the "silver menthol crush" looks so much like the lighter "silver crush"
They used to be in a "white package" Now they are the UGLY BLACK>
Now the Camel "blue" has changed on the exterior package. NOT GOOD!!
Keep it up and I will change brands for sure.


It was my birthday this month and was sent an email to claim a 2.50 off mobile coupon. Go to redeem it and I can't because I have a Newport account also. Which shouldn't matter. Why are you sending me coupons I can't redeem. I don't understand mobile coupons anyway they suck. I buy multiple packs at a time and used paper coupons for multiple packs. The coupons just keep getting worse and cigarrettes more expensive.

camel snus winterchill

I bought a roll and one of the cans in the roll did not have the plastic seal on it... I have five other cans that pouches have been busted and i have not been able to even put them in my mouth... Then there r some that the seal is so thin they bust in my mouth so this is six cans i have had problems with. I have had this problem before can you please help me out with this.

camel snus winterchill

camel menthol crush silvers

Figured i'd put my 2 cents (as a devout smoker of camel crush menthol silvers for the better part of a decade¬hing else whatsoever) but figured id complain & publicly state for those non smokers or smokers of other brands etc (whom acted like I was ridiculous & nuts when I told them I didnt want a new style package because they taste like marb smooths (what I smoked way back when, prior to silvers) so here it is you non-believers & the "crazies that arent really crazy" the newly designed camel menthol silver packs are100% positively noticably different than the regular packs! They taste like marlboro smooths!! Do not buy the new packs if you can help it, it's a complete waste of your money. And going into camels pockets everytime you buy one hoping its a regular tasting pack. Its a clever effing scam that's most definitely making them a load more money on our dedication to silvers and its taste specifically. Shame on you camel. Take your foolish choice to capitalize on our loyalty. Its pathetic to say in the least!!

camel crush menthol silvers

Have been smoking camel crush menthol silver since they first came out. It was around the time Tobacco...


camel activate

Good day I have been smoking camel for years, camel activate, mint for the last 2 years and ever since the...


camel activate

We buy a lot of Camel activate purple every week. I have been so disappointed with them lately, I buy these cigarettes because of the taste of the purple coming through but in order for the cigarettes to have this amazing taste you need to "pop" the little ball on the inside of the cigarette.. if only..

like always we bought few boxes of cigarettes this past week just to be disappointed again. in only 2 boxes I fount about 5 cigarettes that don't have any ball on the inside for me to "pop" there out of a box of 20 I only have 15 cigarettes.. this is such a waste of my money and I am so disgusted with this.

Surely you should have a quality check in order for this not to happen.

hope that someone can correct this!!
Looking forward to your response.

camel activate
camel activate


i have been locked out can not get back in but i get the emails from this company and coupons also how can i fix this problem i have been locked out of other tobacco web sights for the same company i dont understand if i can get a email why cant i log in i want to log in without being locked out if i can get a email from this company why can i not log in

  • Je
    Jersey25 Jul 30, 2019

    Me too, I get a coupon every now and then, maybe, every 3 months, but wow. You click "forgot username" it takes you to the sign up page, you click, forgot password, it takes you to the sign up page...enter your information and it says, yo have an account go to login in. How about the point that I forgot my username or login? Nothing ever sent to the email (which the site recognizes) just a loop of trying to enter what you think you recall. I have been trying for 4 years to log into this account. SUCKS!! My spouse gets all kinds of stuff from the brand she smokes because she is able to access her account on the website! Mobile app for Camel just as bad. Disappointed-

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defect cigarette in my pack

I bought a pack of camel 99 full flavor today .one of the cigarettes specifically the lucky I flip every time...The cigarette itself is smokable but the paper wrapping around the filter has a bunch of flaps. Almost like It may have gotten two filter paper things wrapped around and it during production. I know it may sound weird but with it being my lucky would it be possible to send this one back to you guys and I get a new one. I feel like it would be back luck to keep it. Please let me know what further Imformation you may need

defect cigarette in my pack
defect cigarette in my pack

  • Th
    TheManager Jul 24, 2019

    Are you fucking serious? You want a cigarette? Lmao

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camel menthol crush

Within a month I have bought two packs of camel menthol crush from two different stores where the filters came apart from the cigarette. You could pull the filters right off. They weren't attached in anyway. I'm contemplating switching to a different brand as this has happened not once but twice. It wasn't just a couple cigarettes either, it was the whole pack. Super frustrating

camel rich

I purchased a pack of rich to try them out. They were not as rich as advertised. I was very disappointed in the product. Will not purchase these again. I have been a camel smoker for years. They should have a full flavor and a bolder menthol. I was not impressed and wasted my money. Just thought giving the feed back you may fix them a little so people are satisfied with the product. Bring back the camel bold!!!

camel activate double

Good day I would to bring to your attention that i bought a packet of my cigarettes that i smoke which i...


customer service

I can not recover my account with security answer.. Maybe I misspelled my answer but I still should have more than 1 option & that only 1 is a recording . And then when I called the customer service number always a robot that sends you right back to the website. So I make a new email and they say I'm already registered and would not let me use new email. HOW DO I SPEAK TO A HUMAN???

camel lights with a herb taste like basil something

I bought two packs of camel lights and the first pack fine but the next pack I open I hit once and gagged I put it out and thought what was that taste?! I thought maybe it's me but I let a friend who smokes to hit one without saying anything they said it tastes like my essential oils, they asked if I sat them in a weird spot close to anything nope just opened them and the crazy part is I have gotten sweet tastes but nothing like this before a whole pack I pay almost 6.70 for a pack and that's insane I know but I wanted camels instead of buying cheaper cigs and now I'm regretting it because it was money wasted but has anyone else had this happen before with weird flavors like this? I'm going crazy looking for a answer

mobile coupons

Wtf? For mobile coupons the little card from my pack of camel menthol crush (full flavor) states:
So the site has nothing but a phone number to call "and we'll gladly assist you"
What a joke! All the damn message says is to go to!
Who the hell is in charge of the cluster [censored]?
By what I read in the reviews and other sites camel is about to lose a large chunk of it's consumer base. Including me (a 40yr loyal for 40 [censored]ing years!!!)
Your marketing vp should be fired. Hire american and can the foreign [censored]!!!

  • Ja
    Janetta Dennis Sep 06, 2019

    I can't get registered for mobile coupons and there customer service is sorry they ask for your social security number and still can't help you to sign in it is a joke you can't understand what there saying

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rj reynolds tobacco

I am so frustrated I've called in multiple times and have been told my account has been locked with all RJ Reynolds website for an unknown reason. Every time I call and they just say there's nothing they can do no solution. I asked can I get verification. Their responses nope. I asked can I open a new account. Their responses no. I asked what do I do. There responses you can do nothing. I love the products but can't believe I would be put in a situation. What if life functioned this way.

camel coupons online

Hello, I have been using my camel account for years. I love getting the coupons. For some reason about a month ago I have been locked out of my account. When I call the 800 number they say that there is nothing they can do and have no idea why my account is locked. I've tried twice. Please help me resolve this issue or let me know how I can help. I would love to get coupons again. Thank u

camel menthol silver

The new packaging is dumb. Why would you make 2 diffrent kinds of smokes have such similar packaging? I am constantly getting the wrong ones now because if I'm in a hurry and dont take out my glasses to read the small silver part thrn half the timr I get the wrong ones. How could someone ok such a dumb change. Before I could say the white and green ones. Now its the black and green but not that black and green
Stupid stupid stupid

camel menthol silver

  • Ti
    Tina Bobina Jul 14, 2019

    I feel the same way about the package change on the Camel Menthols !!! I frequently get the regular ones now and I smoke “Menthol Silver” hey, why not change it and make the package SILVER!!! I also am usually in a hurry and don’t bother with digging my readers out to ensure they are correct.

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camel crush menthol

Who ever approved the new black box design needs to be fired. I smoke the Camel crush menthol but have gotten the Camel crush menthol silvers multiple time wasting money because the packs look to similar. It is confusing for employees as well as customers. So sick of buying the wrong pack and not realizing until after i open it and see stupid white filters.

camel crush menthol

camel menthol

My name is Joy. I have been smoking camel menthols for close to 15 years. My grandfather also enjoyed your brand. However as happy as we have always been to enjoy your products. The new packaging is too similar to the camel menthol silvers. So therefore employees keep getting my packs confused. I have to admit I absolutely hate the silvers. And at this point I have wasted so much money on buying the wrong packs I am preturbed. Please repackage so that this doesn't keep happening!!! Thank you for your time and consideration!!! But please repackage!!! Sincerely a loyal customer who just wants to buy what I want to buy...

online website and mobile app

I have called your company now three times, [protected].
Twice I spoke to women that said my account was corrected with my new last name. Was Thommesen is now Brown.

I tried registering each time but only took me to the contact phone #.

The last gentleman stated I could not access my account because it has been frozen. He said he could not unlock it that I needed to send an email. I have found no email either.

my email is [protected]

Please assist or you are soon to lose a customer. I can be satisfied with other brands as well.

Melissa Brown [protected]

menthol crush

I have enjoyed camel crush menthol since they came out, love the product. Although you have forgotten the aptitude of the people selling your product day by day. They are not intelligent enough to tell the difference in the packaging. The younger ones really don't care, or there on there damn cell phone. I am going to have tyo search for a new brand, if you cant fix this. This was a [censored] idea. Thank You for your consideration. Long time customer. Kelly Nash

crush menthol

This has happened a few times. I ask for camel menthol and get the camel crush. First of all it's ridiculously annoying that a whole line of cigarettes are called camel crush. It used to be camel crush and camel bold were separate than camel menthol. But now it's like can I get a pack of camel menthols. And they are like camel crush? And your like yes and no?!? Yes but not the black box of camel crush. I want the green box of methol crush. But now the boxes are all black with almost identical packaging. So no not that one not that one yep nope up to the left no over 1. Stupid and unnecessary. Not to mention, im sure i'm not the only one who has sent they're husband or family member to grab yours when they go to get theirs. Well they aren't trying to examine the box. So they ask for camel menthol and used to be able to tell easily with the green box. Now they get back to me and what do I have? Camel crush. Because the blue/green subtle differences suck. Not to mention, the crush has kinda always sucked. To go from a light/ultra light cigarette to an altoid mint is ridiculous. And another thing, why are 99s not offered in menthol?

crush menthol

  • Updated by Foxy0290 · Apr 18, 2019

    I orignially switched over to camel because I used to receive $2.50 off a pack coupons all the time and my cigs were usually always $.75 off a pack. However now a day's they are rarely on sale and if they are, they're only $.50 off a pack. And I hardly ever receive coupons but when I do, it's $1.50 off 2 packs and online they are $1 off a pack. So what the hell??? Ciggs went up in price and the discounts went down. Between this and my last complaint, I'm wondering why anyone would stay loyal.

  • Sa
    Samb87 May 03, 2019

    Yep happen to me three times now. It's really annoying that they try to trick you by making it almost impossible to tell the difference until opened.

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camel crush menthol silver

The new black box version of these cigarettes are horrible. Not only did the box change but the recipe changed too. They taste different and does not compare in the slightest to the old cigarettes. It makes it ten times harder to buy the cigarettes and they dont taste right. I wish you guys would of just left the cigarettes alone. Thinking about changing cigarettes brands altogether because it's just irritating and harder to buy them. They taste like absolute crap. I've been handed the regular menthol instead of the silver and stuck smoking them because I dont notice it was the wrong one till after I open them. Mainly because of the colors are all the same and when I'm on the go I dont notice. I think a redesign needs to be in the works. As well as putting the recipe back to what it was.

camel menthol pack redesign

I've been a loyal camel customer for about 10yrs now & you're about to lose my loyalty to your company. So i've now been scouring the internet looking for a complaint form to tear you guys a new 1, because this problem has become far too common place than it should... I really hope you'll send me vouchers for free smokes, or something equally as good, to give back a portion of the money, to keep me from leaving, because it's not right that I had to doubly spend on smokes since this "should be fired" or "should be boycotted" redesign was put on shelves. I think giving me some free stuff, or coupons for $1 pack smokes, in exchange, for all my money lost/stolen due to this, is more than fair. Smh. If not, i'll most likely be going back to marlboro menthol since their packaging was designed with the consumer in mind. At least when I say "marlboro menthol", I know that's what i'll get & will know with a simple glance at the pack... Whereas, with the new camel design you practically need a magnifying glass to read if they're straight menthol or menthol silver... Which i'll be much more likely to quit smoking altogether, then to start carrying around a magnifying glass in my purse for the sole purpose of buying your brand. Not to mention, with marlboro, I won't ever end up having to double pay for a pack of smokes ever again due to a badly approved design.

Ever since this awful redesign was launched, i've been ending up with menthol silver instead of straight menthol cigarettes! This design's awfulness began around camel's "think tank" conference table, continued on its way to manufacturing & after a billion cartons of this awfully designed packs of menthol cigarettes were produced & deposited in stores, to which I get smashed in the face with a big pile of bs when I ask for a pack of "camel menthol", not light, but camel menthol & the store employee picks up the pack, rings it up, gladly takes my $8.50 & then I don't find out they're the wrong kind til after i've opened them & see white menthol silver filters looking back at me, instead of the tan color of menthol... This immediately sends me over the edge, every single time, because I can't take them back now that they're open & I know i'll be miserable smoking them in a fashion reminiscent of a chain smoker just to get through the pack faster... Orrrr i'll eventually give up & have to go spend another $8.50 to get the right pack & be totally livid... Which all this drama, bs & theft of my money could've been avoided if camel didn't agree on a new pack design that's hands down dog crap!! Did you not look over the faux paper design before approving it for production?! Because that's what I think. I refuse to believe a company as big as camel purposely put out a design this sucky. The only way to tell the difference between menthol & silver, is that bs fine print labeling that gets lost in the blue/green & black background. Really?! I shouldn't have to educate store employees, they should be able to tell the difference, just like I should.

I literally just packed & opened what should have been my brand new pack of camel menthol & instead i'm stuck smoking menthol silver again. Blasphemy!!! Ugh!!! So disappointing!

I think a redesign needs to be in the works asap!

  • Am
    Amy Barber Mar 28, 2019

    I agree the design absolutely sucks. I’ve received the wrong ones more than once. They really should be different colored packs. If your cashier isn’t a smoker it’s much easier to say “the green ones” than try to explain what you want

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new packaging sucks

I have bought cigarettes 3 x and the store workers have given me menthol silver bc your company made the new packaging so like that of the new regular menthol packaging. This has happened numerous times and causes me (the buyer of your product) unnecessary inconvenience and stress in order to make sure I'm sold the product I paid for. I'm going to have to switch brands due to this. Your company lost a customer just because you made it hard for your own customers to purchase regular menthol.

  • Er
    ErBr8284 Mar 27, 2019

    OMFG!!! The SAME THING has happened to me more times than I care to think about since this awful ReDesign was launched. The Awfulness began around Camel's "Think Tank" Conference Table, continued on its way to Manufacturing & after a Billion Carton of this Awful Design was deposited in Stores, where the BS surrounding this blasphemous Design amps up when I ask for a Pack of "Camel Menthol", NOT LIGHT, but Camel MENTHOL & the Store Employee picks up the Pack, rings it up, gladly takes my $8.50 & then I don't find out they're the wrong 1s til after I've opened them & discover White Filters looking back at me, instead of the Tan Color... This immediately sends me over the edge, because I can't take them back now that they're open & I know I'll be miserable Smoking them in a fashion reminiscent of a Chain Smoker just to get through the Pack faster... ORRRR I'll have go spend another $8.50 & be totally livid... Which all this Drama, BS & Theft of Money not only makes my Blood Boil, due to the fact that Camel will have gotten an Extra Pack worth of Money out of me, but makes me Crazy ALL because Camel FELT THE NEED TO AGREE ON A NEW PACK DESIGN THAT'S HANDS DOWN DOG CRAP!! Did they NOT look over the Faux Paper Design before approving it for Production?! Because that's what I think. I REFUSE to believe a Company as big as Camel purposely put out a Design this Sucky. The ONLY WAY to tell the difference between Menthol & Silver, is that BS Fine Print Labeling that gets lost in the Blue/Green & Black background. REALLY?!

    I guess the only reason I'm here leaving this Comment, under your Complaint (Which I intend on leaving a separate Complaint, is that I literally just packed & opened what should have been my Brand New Pack of Camel Menthol & instead I'm stuck smoking Menthol Silver. Blasphemy!!! Ugh!!! So disappointed! So I'm now scouring the Internet looking for a Complaint Form to tear them a New 1 & to basically force their hands in giving me Vouchers for Free Smokes, or something equally as good, to give back a portion of the Money, I had to doubly spend on Smokes since this "Should be Fired" or "Should be Boycotted" ReDesign was put on shelves. I think giving me some Free stuff, or Coupons for $1 Pk Smokes, in exchange is more than fair. Smh.

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  • Al
    Aldo83 Aug 04, 2019

    Same here the new design has left employees confused since every pack of Camel crush regular has a different design in the carton, the employee has no idea what they're doing due to the new design camel has made and has led me to spend more money after opening up the wrong pack which they won't take back.

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  • Pa
    Palya6 Sep 01, 2019

    I smoke the silvers and have accidentally
    purchased upwards of 30 packs of regular crush packs. To strong, cant be returned. With Illinois tax this is to expensive. Guess I am going to switch to a non rj Reynolds cigarette. If I stay with them they are out nothing for their poor judgment. To bad I liked the crush silvers.

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camel crush cigarettes

I am very disappointed in the camel crush cigarettes. I've smoked them for years and they have got to the point that I cannot hardly crush them any more. I have been having to take a marker and push down on them as hard as I can to get it to crush!! I will not be buying any more of these. I'm so disappointed. I've always enjoyed them and never had this problem before.

camel menthol crush

Ever since the box change, I constantly am given the wrong cigarettes. I keep receiving camel menthol crush silver instead of camel menthol crush it's become very annoying. I've had to go back out and get new packs or smoke ones I don't enjoy. It happens every time ever since the box change. Definitely think they should be 2 different color boxes again


I haven't been able to get the camel website to load. It worked wednesday, but has been down since thursday. I've checked each day since but it's still down. Do you know when it will be working again? Every time I try loading it now it says that the site is under construction but should be working soon. Do you have a date for when it will be working again? Thank you!

camel menthol packaging

Recently Camel changed a lot about the packaging of their cigarettes, mainly the menthols. i smoke what used to be the green camel menthols and since the packaging has been changed pretty much all the menthols have the same 3 colors and its hard for the gas station clerk and even myself who has been smoking the same cigarettes for 7 years to tell the difference. At least 3 different occasions I've been sold the wrong cigarettes because of this inconvenience and on top of all of that the price has gone up by like 70 cents since the package change. If I am going to pay almost $7 a pack I want exactly what I want. Please change the packaging back so this mix up stops happening and I don't have to switch to marlboro. Thank you.
Megan Richardson
3705 North Chadam Lane Apt. 3C Muncie Indiana 47304