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Complaints & Reviews

coupons are terrible so is the flavor of the smokes now!

Mobile coupons either don't work or arent being taken. It's been over four months since I have gotten one mailed even though I still log in three tones a month to make sure the option to mail some is checked and that i've selected the option for the month and I have and do and yet months on end none. The camel crush black pack do not taste right anymore at all no matter where you buy them. so what's up 7-11 counterfeiting those now or new formula no consumer notice ? they stink

new camel 99 packs

I have smoked Camel 99's for at least 15 years and these new packs are absolutely horrible! They don't pack...


camel mobile coupons

I called over 2 months ago that my mobile coupons were not working. I was told that I would be sent coupon...

camel crush cigarettes

I purchase your guys brand cigarettes all the timebut this time I purchased some and the filter was so hard...

camel 99 filters

The new set promotional packs that you have put out recently are of a horrible quality!!! I ended up with 4 packs of them as the gas stations only had the stupid sucky promotion packs. Personally I found them to be [censor] quality compared to the normally packaged 99's.
Please never make these again!!
2EA8SE0 is the number on the bottom of the pack.

camel 99 filters

  • Ka
    Kaci Thiel Mar 23, 2018

    it's not just your pack. it's all of the new ones. I am now having to scour all the gas stations trying to find the only remaining original packs because these are quickly becoming the only kind available. I found a carton of the originals tonight after only having those new ones for two days and definitely noticed a nicotine high. It's obvious that these are not the same seeing as that I haven't had an actual nicotine high like that since I first started smoking. I really hope that these are not the new norm. please fix these!!!

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  • RemoveWithReason Mar 23, 2018

    You could try not sucking on cancer sticks. Then you wouldn't need to be concerned with the quality of the garbage you waste money on every day.

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  • Me
    Megan Wright Mar 26, 2018

    These are horrible! And after being a Camel smoker since the early 80's I am going to have to break off a long relationship that saddens. But I can't smoke these!!! What did you people do? Its not just me, its EVERYBODY I know that smokes Camel 99 and, I knew they were different the moment the new pack touched my hand. If you guys need money, I would rather you made a pack 18 or 19 then just change the product like this . I have 3 packs left and then Im switching brands :( If you decide to go back to the old "formula" email me

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new camel 99's

The new cigs do not taste right and I can not fined the old ones no where it leaves me no choice but to fine a new cig and I been with Camel's over 15 years not happy at all.😭😢what can we as the people do to make the old ones come back to the stores you are going to lose a lot of customers with the new cigs why change up you was doing so good pls bring back the old one's

  • Ca
    Camelnomore Apr 11, 2018

    I also have to agree with everyone else about the disappointment I have for the new camel 99s. Basically... They suck. Been with camel for years, but no longer. Dissatisfied customer number 99.

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  • Km
    Kmajta88 May 03, 2018

    I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I've smoked Camel 99s for years, and I must say the new ones absolutely suck. They don't taste the same at all. I've also had trouble packing them. I could pack the old ones, open them and their just fine, but when I pack the ones ones, some are packed, some aren't, and some have gaps in they're bendable in spots. I'm going to call the company and tell them how unsatisfied I am. So dissatisfied that I have to switch brands. Maybe if enough people complain they might switch back.

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  • J9
    J_9934 May 14, 2018

    The new camels suck tremendously, I drove town to town, liquor store to liquor to find the old ones.
    Finally I found one 4hours away that still sold the old ones and I ended up buying two cartons... after these... I’m either quitting or going to another brand..
    definitely not a happy camper anymore

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  • Ke
    ken dude May 20, 2018

    Sad day for camel. Why the hell do you change a good thing. Your new camel 99 lights suck. Not even close to being right.

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camel mobile coupons

What a joke! Started receiving the mobile coupons approximately 4months ago, loved the idea an how handy it was, UNTIL 6wks. ago! B 4 I leave home I ck. 2 c if I have any coupons n my email. So I know b 4 I get 2 the convenient store they are there an will use them. But approx
6wks ago I would pull up the email am go thru the process of showing my status of having them or not.I could get 2 the step of downloading the USP code an a grey bar would appear saying NOT AVAILABLE PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. I've been trying several times a day for at least 6wks. I've shown an spoken to several friends (that get mobile coupons from Camel and Newport) as well as several different store owners. No it's not my phone. An others are getting the same notice I am . I have finally contacted Camel customer service to let them know the situation. Customer service took info an was told they would post this problem. I'm. Tired of receiving E-mails I cannot use an told the representative. I no longer desired e-mails that were SPAM. If I couldn't use them STOP SENDING THEM! She seemed very nice but, totally disconnected from this notice and offered NO SOLUTION..This seems to be a marketing gig..and NO I DON'T WANT PAPER COUPONS. that take 6 to 8wks 2 arrive. Camel FIX ur Problem or I'LL find a mobile coupon cigarette that works!!

  • Tr
    Truthbomb71 Mar 11, 2018

    Mine stopped after their supposed website crash. I called and was told they should start back again but I have never received anything coupon since. Think it’s a ploy to just information gather on us. Name, DOB, address, email and phone number. Give us a few coupons then cut them off. Now they can do whatever they want with our info. Pretty shorty but yea we fell for it and we’re still smoking their cigs. Lol.

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camel crush

I am a regular camel crush smoker and the recent carton I bought last week was probably the most upsetting...

mobile coupons

Its been 3 weeks now that I have not had a mobile coupon available. I usually get $2.50 off on Monday and...

camel double

To whom it may concern. I bought a packet of camel double and most of the cigarettes don't have the...

camel activate purple

I just opened a new packet Wednesday 7 February 2018 and popped the ball which popped but when I took my...

camel activate purple

I bought a box of camel activate purple at a petrol station in randburg, South Africa. When smoking them, there were about five or six cigarettes within the box that had no bubble to pop for the flavor. This has not been the first time. There was also another time when I bought the purple and blue activate and in some of them there was either only blue or purple or none at all.

cigarette filter

I open a fresh pack of camel whites to find that 3 of the cigarettes inside have damaged/faulty filters after I have lit them, I only smoke around 10 a day so this happened over 2 days. I thought that it might only be the one pack so didn't think to write a complaint. Then I open a new pack today and find another damaged/faulty filter. Very uncomfortable and not what I'm paying for. Photos attached of the last one I had.

cigarette filter
cigarette filter

camel 99s

I buy a carton of camel 99s a week and this last carton had some packs in it that were patched together. I...


camel menthol

I recently purchased a carton of Camel Menthols. I'm not exaggerating when I say that EVERY cigarette (200...


Dear, Camel More and more pregnant women are having miscarriages . Its because on your ads that are all...

camel activate mint

I bought a pack of camel activate mint, as I prefer the menthol cigarettes over non menthol ones, I opened...

mobile coupons

My girlfriend and I both have separate accounts on different Android devices and the mobile coupons do not work...They worked for her like 3 times but mine have never been able to load. Once you click "claim" it goes to the latest as page but just says please try again never even pulls the coupon up...It's a shame because I have switched brands now

  • Wr
    Wronie L. Kimble Feb 26, 2018

    This has never worked for me and then I call customer service and all they do is say they will send coupons but I never receive them this is very disappointing and embarrassing when you go to the counter and told you cant get a discount.

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camel crush menthol

I buy a carton of camel crush menthols just about every 7-9 days; the last two cartons we have gotten have...

receiving spam

I'm constantly receiving spam from Camel. I'm in Australia and the Camel website doesn't allow me to log in from outside the US. Even when I use methods to fool the website, my "account" doesn't seem to exist and the email address the spam is sent to is not listed in their database.

The REALLY weird thing is I'm not a smoker, nor have I ever been.

This is clearly a stretch by Reynolds to expand their marketing reach but it's also illegal under Australian law and I would suspect also under US law.

  • Mo
    Moe N Dec 24, 2017

    I'm in UK, and I have the same problem. Somebody called KHALID has signed up to camel emails using my address! To unsubscribe you have to login to a profile, which requires KHALIDs personal details. I'm sure this is against advertising laws! Clicking on forgot my password and entering my e-mail doesn't work.
    I am also a non-smoker and if I were I minor this would definitely be illegal advertising!
    I've looked everywhere for a Camel contact e-mail address, no luck, can someone provide one? All I can find is the telephone number. I do not want to phone an international (probably premium) number just to stop unsolicited email's!!!
    Camel need to sort out the way they confirm users email addresses (They DON'T)!!!

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