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I received a notice from Cable Vision on August 16th dated August 7th stating that my bill was overdue. It stated that a payment of $34.00 would aviod any service interuption . I said fine . That was the beginning of telephone calls DAILY regarding this. Each time I spoke to a rep they said if I pay the 34.00 everything would be taken care of . I spoke with at LEAST two reps who assured me this was okay. Finally I was called and was put on HOLD for 20 minutes before speaking to a live rep. Well readers. that was it !!!I let those ### have it. Now they wanted the FULL payment of 162.00 . When I clearly explained that one I had been mis informed, they( like they always do) apologize but they also threatned to shut my service off and I have their HIGHLY advertised triple play. For those who are unaware this includes telephone, internet, and television. I got no break from the late notice, the misinformation from the reps but a LOT of BS about their system. Cablevision are like loan sharks calling you to get payment but are long on rhetortic when THEY are at fault. Now with todays' economy they should be flexible. I have been with them BEFORE their competition( direct tv, dishnetwork, and now verizon.) I was willing to pay the 34.00 until they flipped the script on me. I am on a fixed incme and these fools don't care. I intend to give them continuous hell with their shabby treatment of the people they allgedly service.

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  • Bl
      Mar 14, 2009
    Cablevision - vandelizm and theft
    New York
    United States

    I own an MATV installation and repair company.
    On more than ten occations when repairing or installing master antenna equipment, I have personally wittnest cable TV personell stealing or damaging the residential building's master antenna equipment. When I confronted the cable company's representitive, I was told " talk to my employer" and "I do what i'm told to do".

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  • Co
      Nov 21, 2009
    Cablevision - fraudulant offers
    98 Hoyt Street
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I have repeatedly been offered discounts and price decreases for service packages that in fact would raise my bill. Despite questioning, these offers have been duly confirmed and unequivically offered as discounts. Based upon these affirmed offers, I did in fact setup an appointment to install the service, only later to find that I had been duped.

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  • Ki
      Jan 03, 2010
    Cablevision - remove hgtv and food network
    United States

    Cablevision service fee is expensive. The cable should provide over the standard programs to worth what they charge customers. They dropped several good programs last year, and this year 2017, they dropped hgtv and food network because they did not want to pay more to keep hgtv and food network. Both channels are considered standard channels and we love those channels. It is obvious that cablevision is only considered their own profit (Which they make so much from our expensive monthy fee already), but not concern about customer's satisfaction and give what customers want. They probably believe that their cusotmers would not leave to their competitors. I hope that customers would send a lot of complain to cablevision about their deicison to drop both channels. We need to let them know that it is not right to treat customers like this.

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  • Eg
      Jan 04, 2010

    Not much keeping me with Cablevision anymore. I'm surprised at their arrogance -- given everyone in my neighborhood has already switched to FIOS. I held out with Cable, and since then have lost a number of channels (without a cable box) and now a favorite HGTV.

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  • Tr
      Jan 05, 2010

    I'll switch soon as well...

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  • Di
      Jan 06, 2010

    who gives a crap about food network and hgtv why should they get more money. Cablevision has the best customer service and is really not that much expensive compared to similar FIOS packages.

    They aren't concerned about their profits ONLY, that's silly but at the same time they shouldn't have to lose money where it's not needed to be lost.

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  • Ma
      Mar 22, 2010
    Cablevision - no tv again
    United States

    Every time we get a little snow-no TV! We missed the Super Bowl in 2017, in 2017 they had to have so many complains it was fixed in one hour!again; for the Olympic's we missed most of the closing - no tv. And now we missed the Oscar' TV. Getting very upset paying for a service and getting none especially when there is a Special on TV. Actually this happens every single time we get a little snow. Yesterday it was just flurries! Last time rain!!! Calling DTV only offer is to send a tech.

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