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Cabela's / 800 grain ridge hunting boots

1 44th St., Grandville, MI, United States

I was at the Grandville MI store this morning 9am, entered the store went to customer service and I told the x2 customer service representatives that I wanted to exchange the defective boots that are barely 11months old as the stitching near sole and heal were undone, I was to I need a receipt to do this, I replied that only would be true if I wanted a refund, not a exchange, for which I did try to get I was told that it appeared to be normal wear and tear, I asked about the lifetime warranty, and the manager comes around the desk to explain to me that it's on a case by case basis, I told her that I wanted a exchange she told me that wasnt going to happen after she asked me 1 question do I where them often, my reply that they don't sit on my mantel looking pretty, or mounted my wall... Then I ask is it something I can order or get a rain check for as they didn't have my size in stock she gets a car then that car takes me to a machine, enters all my personal information and takes my credit card. Then says everything is all set and tried to walk away from me. I ask what about a receipt, she the car hands me a biz card with a 9 digit number and reply's here u go. I say no I want something tangible showing how much I was charged. Another car repair comes over to me and he states he can help me and now I have been shoved off to the 3rd person, he was pleasant, well mannered and did try to help yet the plot thickens. He calls catalog customer care services main line as the computer kept locking up 15-18mins later I find my self talking to this person on the phone to verify whom I was, great all said and done she stated I had purchase replacement boots and then tells me the punchline... Price 119.00 add 10.00 for taxes and billing for the free shipping, bringing my total to 159.00 I reply stop that's some funny math. And immediately camel my order she then states do I want to update my info as it appeared to be enter wrong for shipping, I said I wish it cancelled long story short and an 1hr of my life wasted and take my cart back to its Coral and the gentleman ask how was my experience. I stated I hope he has a better day then I, .. Think of contacting the Michigan fraud agencies. Lifetime does mean they can pick and choose what's replaced... So sad that it all fell on deaf ears. I liked the boots just wanted a exchange., now thing of contacting a lawyer for the false pretenses of a warranty thats supposed to be iron clad if they contacted me for a exchange I would rather have the boots...


Nov 29, 2018

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