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decrease credit rate

I received a letter in the mail from Cabela's stating that they were decreasing my credit. When I called they said it was because I was three times late in the past year and there is nothing they can do about it. I am a busy person and paying the late fee was no big deal to me. Yes...I was late but I paid four times the minimum amount due. I am no dead beat and I "ALWAYS" pay way over the minimum amount due. So, by reducing my credit it appears my card is almost maxed out. They are not customer friendly and do not look at a customer's history thoroughly. Every year I buy approx. $400.00+ of merchandise from Cabela's on their card. I have been a customer of Cabela's for over TEN (10) years but apparently this accounts for nothing. I will pay off my balance and get another card. Sadly I like Cabela's but all of my future purchases will be with Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain or Filson. I think we as long standing clients should receive at the very least an apology. I will take owness for the late payments but really come on...

billing error

Twice now I called in my payment to Cabelas as to avoid a late fee. Previously I called from my sons in another state as my Grandson had a serious medical problem we rushed to. They still charged me the late fee with stating we were late, along with the $7.50 charge for a phone payment. I was however 4 days early, all other payments were made by that phone and had no problems. I let it go.

I just made a payment around Martin Luther King Day as I realized I forgot to get my payment in the mail the previous Sat. and it would be late so I called, this time on the payment stub wrote date, etc. amount and confirmation number down. Again, they state I was late on payment with the $7.50 payment, however I called 3 days prior to due date. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on you. I will cancel my Cabelas card and thats that.

bad experience

On December 22, I went to the Richmond Cabelas to buy a new Nikon Buckmaster 3x9 Scope with BBC for $219.99 with tax was $138.99 because I had a coupon and club points. I had to drive over 50 miles to get to the store and made the purchase in good faith. When I returned home to mount the new scope on my rifle, I discovered that the scope in the box was a used and damaged scope, not even of the type that I had purchased. I called Cabela's right away, and they told me that they would take care of it when I got there to exchange the scope. I drove all the way back to the Richmond store and then was told that I could not get an exchange or my money back. That their employees check all merchandise before selling it and the correct scope must have been in the box. I know for certain that the employees did not check the box before putting it in the bag because my son, Gary Wiersma was present at the sale. The customer service representative said that they had the purchase on surveillance tapes. They told me that they could make a copy for me. They let me sit there and then came back and told me that they could not make the copy for me or see the surveillance tapes or let me talk to the employee that made the purchase. They said that the employee was clearly checking the box out and that the packing around the scope that should have been there if it was new was removed by the clerk, which never happened and this happened in the presence of myself and my son. So not only am I out the money of for the scope, I'm out gas money, my time, the time my son took out of his vacation to purchase and I'm stuck with a used, damaged scope.

I have been a loyal Cabela's customer for years, but no longer. My son and my extended family will all know what happened during this shopping experience.

  • Dr
    dracus Aug 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We recently purchased a Model 669 meat slicer.
    It has fatal flaws.
    The screws attaching the food carriage lack a slot to place a tool while removing the nuts. (for cleaning purposes)
    And... the screws attaching the food dellector & rear blade guide are sheet metal screws ... (Should be standard threads... they fasten into "White Metal" ... Zinc+Manganese??
    I had to use a Dremel* tool to CUT the nuts off.

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false advertising

Via e-mail I received a notice that soon in the mail I would receive a coupon worth up to $100.00, were I to...

unethical behaviour

I had been a long standing customer of theirs for years and have a small balance on our credit card. Recently...

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unreasonable interest rate increase

I have been a loyal Cabela's customer for years and always used their World's Foremost Bank credit card for purchases to earn points. I never was late with a single payment and always paid more than the minimum, in other words, a good customer. Out of the blue they raised my interest rate to 21%! This is just another example of a big heartless bank that will toss away loyal customers at a whim. Do yourself a favor and do not deal with these people!

products and service

Several things have been noticed lately.
1) Removal of their long time no questions asked returned policy with an extended warranty policy. If you buy this policy and use the service it is good for only one year and may negate the manufacturers lifetime warranty because the items do not go to the manufacturer for service.
2) Quality. Chinese made products especially the Cabelas rifle scopes are of appallingly low quality. Horrible optical distortion-junk. The Cabelas Trekker bow case is thin plastic over cardboard with aliminum edging for over $100! The Doublr Bull Blinds which made their reputation by being hand made in Colorado are mass produced in China. Again junk. Clothing that is not cut right etc.
3) Selection. Items are selected for stocking inb stores based on what their corporate staff likes and by which vendor paid them or schmoozed them the most. No big surprise. Primos brand is widely featured. You'd think he was a family member. The Primos bloodlight has been noted for a couple of years as a piece of junk. Cabelas has thousands they can't move. Items that could sell- especially muzzleloading and tradtional archery- especially the lower cost stuff are left for catalog sales. They apparently like to try to sell the high end crap in the stores to get the daily sales dollar figures up. $100+ bow quivers, $1500 shotguns, $60, 000 boats etc. Reloading supplies and ammunition selection are awful compared to other companies. They must have a deal with Hornady brand because you can get mainly Hornady bullets, Speer you cannot get at all and the other companies are underepresented. Price on the Hornady stuff is actually higher than the non Nebraska produced supplies. (?)
4) Service. Staff is forced to push the Cabelas Club Card (VISA) because the company makes a large part of their revenue off credit card interest! Some stores- Hoffmann Estates in paerticular was using threats of termination if the staff did not get a certain amount of card referrals. The so called expert outfitters are quite often only experts in that they have been trained in how the products work and trained by the company reps. Many do not have actual field experience with the products. They are also told not to show preference for one brand over the other and to not give a real opinion. You can tell when the ones that know what they are doing are tap dancing around an issue to try to sell you a decent item at a decent price and steer you away from something they know is junk. By the same token they are trained to try to sell you the most expensive items possible and to not ask what you can afford. Again you can tell the better staffers by the way they try to figure out what will work best for you without wasting the entire day.

5) Staffing- from inside sources there is general mayhem. Corporate does not communicate with retail stores. Morale is in the tank. While staff used to be paid quite a bit over minumum wage to start that is no longer the case, hours are usually not 40 per week although that is what is claimed. It usually runs 35 to 37 for full time staff. Stores are understaffed and over worked. Store area managers and other salaried staff are worked well over 40 hours per week with little or no compensation. The excuse given is they are FLSA exempt. There is also a rumor that corporate staff over 60 with 10 years in the company were forced to take a buy out and leave. Age discrimination. There are also examples where they WILL NOT hire anyone they think is over qualified because they fear they will get turned in for various violations.

Cabelas is definitely not the World's Greatest Outfitter anymore even though they apparently paid Outdoor Life and Field and Stream to say so a couple of years ago. It's amazing what you can get outdoor writers to say if you pay them enough or give them enough freebies.

consumer manipulation

Same ole' song and dance as the others here. Loyal customer for years, Never late, Balance paid in full except for a few months. Raised interest rate from 9.99% to 20.99% when I did have a balance. Paid Balance in Full next month to avoid interest charges.BAM...they closed my account. OK for them to do it before the NEW Regulations take effect. Sure!!! AND I have the right to tell everyoe I know how BAD they are. Just lost 4 customers in my family and friends FOREVER!!! NO PROBLEM.. THANK you Chase, WF, BoA and Amex. for being myBUSINESS PARTNER!!! Why deal with small change when "REAL" $ is on your side. YOUR CHOICE while you have it. So...HOW"S THAT " HOPEy-CHANGEy" thing workin' for ya' now Dems!!!

worst customer service

I am very disappointed in the Post Falls Cabelas. I recently went to visit my favorite department (waterfowl) and was told that the most knowledgeable person (Jon) has been moved to another department. I walked through the store until I found Jon so that I could ask him the questions that I wanted answered. He told me that Travis(who I found very arrogant) had recently been hired as the lead for the waterfowl department. Where did they find this guy? Why did they move Jon? You would think that you would want qualified Outfitters in the proper departments. Is this a common practice at Cabelas? Jon has been the Outfitter that I have looked for since last years opening. He is very helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

Everyone one of my hunting buddies have also enjoyed the Customer Service that they receive from Jon. Cabelas is about hunting and the outdoors and when we visit your store and we spend our hard earned money, we want to be served by the Outfitter of our choice. I overheard a guy the other day (while I was dining with my family) talking about a visit he made to Cabelas. He was trying on a pair of boots and heard ducks. He said that he was so impressed that he followed the sound until he arrived at the Waterfowl counter, where he met Jon. I knew that he had to be talking about the same Outfitter that my friends and I know. This guy told the people that he was dining with "that it was the best duck calling he had heard in a long time." From the way that guy told that story, I believe that he has told that story quite a few times. That guy was so impressed that he is providing your store with free advertisement. Why would you transfer an Outfitter who makes such an impression on your Customers? I hope that the next time I visit the Post Falls Cabelas, Jon has been returned to his rightful position.

reduced credit limit and unfair practices

I have had a Cabela's Visa card for almost a year. After making my payments always on time and always making a payment of double the amount due, I received a call from the collections dept. this am, May 13, 2009. I was told that my payment was due on May 7th and I needed to make a payment. I made a payment of 100.00 April 2, 2009 and 2000.00 on April 13th. The 2000.00 was made for May's payment. Because it was made early they applied it to April's payment and told me that I was late for May. I was treated very rudely and was told by the so called team leader of collections that their was no one else I could talk to, nor could she give me a email address. I ended up getting online and saw exactly the same complaints. I did speak to another manager who said that that is their policy. So, never make your payment early and never pay a large payment if you don't want your credit line cut. I would close my account, but don't want to hurt my credit score. Does anyone know who I can complain to?

thank you,

closed account continue to insist we owe money

Like the other complaint about Cabelas on this site. We got the zero interest card for a sizable purchase but in our case our card was used for a purchase we did not make so we closed the account immediately and paid off our amount. But they keep charging us for a renewal fee and a late fee on the purchase that was made by the THIEF who stole our card!!!
This has been going on for more than six months and we continually get delinquency notices. If this shows up on our credit we are hiring a lawyer. This is harassment and the government should get involved.

failure to send rebate

I purchased a Smith & Wesson handgun advertised by Cabela's in Fort Worth, Texas as offering a $50...

credit line lowering/increase interest

just checked my February statement to find that my new rate of interest is 27.99%... which I think is just completely AWESOME!!!

I guess my prior rate of 12.99% and an avg payment of $1500 a month just wasn't enough to fill the pockets of the spineless brainiacs that decided to make this well timed business decision.

This appears to be a game of debt, not money management... and in it, everyone loses... except those that run the banks and credit. If you have not noticed, banks have the biggest spread EVER. Savings rates are in the toilet and loan rates have gone relatively unchanged. EVERYTHING favors the banks and them getting their act in gear, they'd rather get more out of the deal instead.

It's sad to see that this is wide spread. What bothers me most is that this industry is arrogant enough to gamble on the future losing billions of dollars in the process, it cleans up the books with government (taxpayer) money and then to make the situation even worse, they attack the very people who did not borrow iresponsibly and are not a part of this mess. If I tried this I'd be in prison. I'd really like to have a meeting arranged where I can meet the ones responsible for all of this. I want them to tell me why they are not paying the price for this w/ their jobs, serious tax penalties for undeserved bonuses, liquidation of assets and mandatory community service (since they really don't understand what that's about).

  • Fi
    FIREMAN Mar 10, 2009




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  • Cs
    CSR Apr 01, 2009

    You interest rate is based on payment history and your credit bureau score, so maybe you should invesigate that information before you go off. Also, if you had a WAMU Cabela's Visa card your interest rate increased because the card changed hands and is no longer a Cabela's Visa card and is now a Chase Rewards card. Proper notification of that change were sent out and the new terms and conditions were send out also . SO instead of complaining maybe you should do a little investigating a make a phone call and find out WHY!

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  • Li
    Lisa43 Dec 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No not complaining, I am so glad they did that and made me aware of there actions! Closed there card and have one card only. Cabelas lost my families business along time ago .

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worst service ever

I purchased a dog collar from their on-line catalog. The product originally sold for $99 and was listed on sale for $59. It was also clearly advertised as "in-stock". The next day I received a notice from them that my order was cancelled because the item had been discontinued. I was very disappointed. At that point, I went back to the on-line catalog to see what my other options were. To my surprise, the same collar was listed with the same manufacturer's description. The item had a new Cabella's product number and a new price of $109. At that point I got angry because I felt cheated by CABELAS. I sent an e-mail to them stating my dissatisfaction. To date, no response from customer service. Cabelas has a good name in the the industry, I'm sure if upper management knew how un-responsive customer service is, they would remedy.

11/28/08 Update, it's been 2 weeks since I contacted Cabelas customer service . . . STILL, NO RESPONSE from them. I'm convienced they don't care about retaining customers. There buisness must be great that they can just "blow" their customers off. I'm not happy & will not buy from them in the future.

  • Ja
    jack russell Dec 07, 2011

    are those dates correct if so have they sent you the dog collar yet please contact me at [email protected]

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  • Al
    alaskarifleman Jan 07, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am dissatisfied with Cabelas at the low management level, too. There is no way to contact the board or anyone high enough in management to make a difference. Cabelas would not provide me with a receipt for merchandise purchased as a gift. Demanding a receipt was useless because their lower management is brainless. The last straw was when they sent a gift to the wrong address then blamed me. With no receipt for my purchase I didn't have a leg to stand on. Lower management refused to overnight a package one county away from the store to my mother. I had to express mail the item from Alaska but it arrived late because nothing moves fast from rural Alaska. I've been a loyal Cabelas customer for decades but have ended my association with them over this incident. Cabelas is too big to care about individual customers today. Everyone who purchases an item in this country is entitled to a receipt.

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unauthorized retention of personal, private data

I am of the opinion that Cabela's is using unauthorized means to collect personal, private identifying information. Their policy is disturbing, questionable, and suspicious. If you read the fine print of their return policy, the "100% gaurantee" is apparently a half-truth.

In order to complete a return or exchange the buyer must "present a valid photo ID that will be recorded and retained in a database to be used only for authorizing returns." "Recorded, " i recently found out at their store in Louisiana, means electronically swiped.

What is Cabela's doing with this information? Who might they be selling it to? By what means is it protected? What legal standing do they have to require this information except for the purchase of a firearm?

The stated purpose, that it is used to "authorize returns" is nonsensical. A receipt and presentation of the return merchandise are all that is necessary in any retail establishment.

Unlike a credit card company, for example, with which the consumer signs an agreement and the company's privacy rules are legally binding and public information, Cabela's is taking this information without authorization, almost through what could be characterized as a mild form of extortion, and without any written agreement on its use or protection.

Other agencies, a bank or the Transportation Security Administration at the airport, these have legal standing to require an i.d., and even still they only look at it, not record it electronically.

Cabela's policy is unjustifiable and shameful. They should change it immediately.

  • Bo
    BobJq Feb 19, 2009

    Cabela's does not store this information. The information is collected through Cabela's, yes, but the database is maintained by The Retail Equation, Inc. The information is not accessible in any way by Cabela's, and none of the information from your driver's license is recorded.

    If you've shopped with Cabela's for any length of time, the information the store itself does collect is nothing they don't already have on file. If you do mail-order, they've got your name, address and phone number.

    For example, if doing a return without proof of purchase, Cabela's employees will ask for your name, address and phone number. This information is added into the register and is used for few purposes: to assign your name to a gift card, if they issue one as a merchandise credit; or to identify excessive returns. (IE, once the account is created, a line will be added for each item returned.)

    You state "The stated purpose, that it is used to "authorize returns" is nonsensical. A receipt and presentation of the return merchandise are all that is necessary in any retail establishment." Did you ever ask about the policy? I did. They're apparently tracking return frequency customer by customer. Bass Pro does it, too. It's part of shopping in the modern world. Too many people abuse the lax rules, and retailers clamp down. No different than any other business. Present a receipt and merchandise all you want: what's to say I didn't break into someone's car and steal something they recently purchased? And don't think some thieves are above printing false receipts. The materials are out there, I'm sure. Register paper probably isn't that hard to find.

    I think this is fair. With the amount of fraud going on in the world, stolen credit cards and returns, I think providing my drivers license to do a return is no big deal. Wal-Mart has been asking for it for years, and if you do more than three returns in a period of 6 months they cut you off. This is probably the sort of thing Cabela's is trying to establish. Again, far enough. If I purchase something big-ticket, I keep my receipt. If they want to put my license on file, fine. I have nothing to hide. I have trusted Cabela's for 20 years not to sell my information. I don't believe that they do.

    Most of this information is available at The Retail Equation. If it's not there, ask the cashier at Cabela's-- they'll be honest. That's how I found this out. Again, I don't see any reason to be suspicious unless you've got something to hide. I'm sure you don't... so why the hostility?

    As with most stores, 100% satisfaction usually refers to the merchandise, I've come to find. There's no way I'm ever 100% happy with the way Wal-Mart treats me.

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  • Pc
    PckerFan414 Mar 13, 2009

    The previous poster is correct. I am a Cabela's employee, and am surprised it took us this long to crack down on returns. We are simply trying to protect our assets by identifying and stopping return fraud (whether it be through misuse of employee discount, theft, price tag switching, etc).

    What this boils down to is that Cabela's, along with any other company, is free to set the terms on which you must do business with it. If we say you have to have an ID to do a return, you have to have an ID to do a return. If you don't like it, don't buy things from Cabela's. Our prices may be higher, and we may have a strict return policy, but you are not going to find a company that treats its customers better. That's the bottom line.

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  • Ho
    hope4peaceofmind Apr 10, 2009

    I have no problems with the policy. With the return abuse I have seen, I am suprised cabelas waited this long. I was in line once while a customer was returning a pair of boots the employee was having a hard time finding. The boots look like they have been used for 10 years. And that customer was allowed to return them.
    Another time I was in line waiting to get a fishing license and this guy was trying to return a crossbow without his receipt. The employee told him she needed to see his driver's license. The customer said he had to go to the car and get it. Another employee came up and I overheard them talking about the crossbow. It appears the customer took it from the sales floor, removed all the tags in a blind and tried to get some money for it. The customer never came back into the store. He probably knew he'd been busted.
    Anyway, many big businesses require a photo id to do returns. They do have a right when it is their assets at stake. I have no problem giving it to them when I return something because I have nothing to hide.
    It seems to me that the ones who have problems with proving to cabelas who their are, are probably the ones who are abusing the return policy and have something to hide. If I owned a business like cabelas, I would rather lose those people as a customer than let them continue the abuse.

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0% interest is misleading

0% interest promotion seems to be a scam. Don't get burned by Cabelas 0% interest "deal". Warning!!...

rejected my order three times

I have got to order one time threw BILL me Later and ever since I have be turn down threw the other stores ! What kind of scam are you running ? You all make it sound so good and somebody and then you continue to turn me down. This is fraud and I will go higher up to see that this dont happen to me ever again ! You all need to make things right to the customers that you false advertisement to ! How can companies like you live with themselves knowing what you are doing to your CUSTOMERS ?

  • De
    Denitia Booth Dec 15, 2008

    This is exactly is whats happening with so many customers. It all needs to stop now. They need to follow the true advertisments ! Dont send no more false advertisments to our EMIALS ! Thank YOU!

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  • Pc
    PckerFan414 Mar 13, 2009

    If you get rejected by BillMeLater, it is because you have bad credit. That's all there is to it. If you have a problem contact them at 1-866-528-3733

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credit card acct management practices

First, as general information about World's Foremost Bank, it is a wholely owned subsidiary of the...

lack of responsiveness

My review on

Re: Cabela's Tur-Duc-Hen

I purchased Cabela's Tur-Duc-Hen for Christmas dinner and it was a nightmare...

Bottom line is that whoever Cabela's has producing this product must put it through a brining process prior to shipment.

After cooking the bird(s) and bringing up to temperature, I let it rest and started serving for a dinner party of 20.

When served, I noticed that people were taking one bite and sheepishly removing said bite to the provided dinner's napkins. As I continued to carve, I cut a bite to taste for myself and was not able to swallow.

It tasted like it sat in a brine tub for three days. Maybe this was a Friday bird that never made it out until Monday p.m.

20 really disappointed people rummaged around the house trying to get full on the appetizers and ancillary food that was brought to the house in support of the main meal.

Anyway, I asked for my money back and Cabela's countered with a refund for shipping and a $15.00 gift certificate.


I saved some of the bird and offered to send it back frozen for a taste test, and Cabela's refused to take me up on the offer.

The entire Tur-Duc-Hen went in to the trash.

This will be the last product that I will purchase through Cabela's in view of the lack of responsiveness...

Consider yourself duly warned...

John Felts

  • Li
    LindsayLou Nov 10, 2009

    Wow, I'm shocked to hear about how poor the service was. I used to work for Cabela's and I always thought the return policy was pretty lax, so I'm surprised they didn't give you a full refund. I'm sorry that you got such bad service.

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  • St
    staynpaul Mar 07, 2018

    i'm Using a great service for more entertainment and much more. Spectrum service connect me with the world in a reasonable budget you should also try this service as well.

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  • Je
    JessicaBLouisiana Aug 14, 2018

    I am an avid hunter, fisher and outdoorsman (gal) and I am sick and tired of seeing the lack of concern from Cabela's toward promoting women and youth. I received the 2018 Fall Catalog and went straight to the hunting clothes section... 16 pages were for men... 1 page was for youth and 1 page was for women. PATHETIC AND SEXIST IN MY OPINION!!!

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  • Re
    Rebecca wilds Aug 14, 2018

    Associate was sexiest like, they didn't have to carry these items for, us to, hunt but I, can order online I, should be able to shop, in a store just a man too I felt like a, outsider
    Very disappointed I am a crossbow hunter .I do a lot of shop ping in this store

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  • Mi
    michael d Sep 11, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a handgun that was not in stock and it has been almost 2 weeks and it has not come in . It took a week to process it and now it is shipped. I had orders from china that didn't take this long. This the first and last order i will make from cabela's. If it is not in the store i will look at other stores.

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  • Ro
    RonniePlaxa Oct 21, 2018

    There yelling obscenities over there open microphone in the store...
    We can hear it 10 miles away!!
    Calling us ugly assholes

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