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ordering stuff and not getting it

I ordered a product from cabelas 9 months ago and they still haven't sent it I keep getting the run around ranging from they would sent me a gift card for value of product and sending the card to the wrong place to losing order and payment in computer so I'm going to try and find a lawyer to do a contingency basis class action lawsuit anyone interested in joining lawsuit can email me at [protected] please leave your email address and possible second way of contacting you.

stole my cabelas club points

I had build up over $600 in Cabelas Club points then they cancelled my credit card. Now I have no Cabela...

cannot give refunds

For the last two weeks Cabela’s maintains that because of their new computer software they cannot give refunds. I have been waiting for a credit of only a few dollars back to my credit card and after 5 phone calls to their customer service department and getting the same “our new computer system cannot give refunds at this time” I think everyone should be aware of this BEFORE ordering their Christmas gifts from them. Amazing!!! I asked them to send me a handwritten check since their Credit Card Refund system was down and they said we can’t do it that way. A complaint about Cabela’s refund system has also been submitted to BBB!

bad customer service

I had purchased a Plano Rifle case along with a Queen size inflatable bed, both these products turned out to be defective. The sad part is that this was supposed to be a gift. I got intouch with Cabelas over chat and then sent them pictures of the defective products. They offered me a refund / replacement. I preferred the replacement, however to my surprise, the response they gave me is that the refund has already been given and they cannot send me the replacement. If required, i had to shop again.

My repeated attempts failed to explain to the customer service team, that i will be loosing on the amount of custom duty i paid here in India and that they must send me a replacement.

Whats shocking is that they conveniently chose to avoid chat interactions to my id, and when i enquired about this through the emai, they chose not answer it.

I guess, every one at Cabelas is in high spirits celebrating the 50th years. But they really messed up badly in my case.

I have given up! and finally put this review

very poor service

I came across a great bargin on the Cabela's website. I placed my order and after 14 days never recieved any corespondance, order continually stated "pending". This means they haven't done anything with the order. I paid with a prepaid mastercard that I just got to make the purchase. After 15 days I got an email stating that my credit card did not go through. I directly checked the prepaid card website and no attempts from Cabela was made to clear the transaction. Ofcourse the bargin on their website is now gone. I don't know what Cabela is doing but completing orders online does not seem to be a priority.

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gift cards

I have bought several hundred dollars of giftcards from the local grocery store (QFC) Actually around $800 so...


I have found that representatives from this company are dishonest when stating facts. I had a cabela's visa and have been making my monthly payments. I make my payments online and according to there corporate office they are able to see all payments wnen they are processed. I reviewed my payment history and the day after I made the payment and the payment shows processed they will call and ask when are you making your payment. I do admit that the last 2 payments were a few days late but the payments are being made monthly. The corporate office stated that they can see the payments when they are processed and they state they can not see the payments. I guess someone is being dishonest and I would have to believe that the corporate offices are telling me the truth. If anyone has a visa from cabela's -- cancel it. If you are thinking about applying for there visa card don't. I would not trust any one who is dishonest and can keep there stories straight. I have caught them in several lies and regret ever doing business with anyone who is this dishonest and can not admit that a mistake was made. If one part of there business is this dishonest then this must be a corporate culture. There are other retailers that I can spend my money at. I will never do business with a company that is not be truthful or honest.

customer service

Very disappointed in their customer service!
Poor service!
I originally placed an order through their website on Oct. 15th, I received one item out of six, the other five were on backorder, (which did not show backorder when placed the order.) After receiving the one item, which the quality was not what I expected, I called on Nov. 2nd, spoke to a Beverly, and canceled the rest of the order, (which only one item was canceled.) Dec. 1st, I was sent a notification by my credit card co. showing Cabelas was charging my card for items I thought were canceled. Called cust. service and was cutoff while speaking with Jeff. Called back and spoke to Barb, she told me it would be taken care of. Dec.2nd, I get an email from Cabelas stating the order was shipped. I will now have to return the items and hopefully have my card credited...

  • Ev
    Evan Perry Nov 11, 2010

    After requesting to see a gun at the gun counter the sales rep started ranting at me about how I look at the guns and never perchase them and how I don't know anything about guns. He also insinuated that I was a second class citizen because I don't buy expensive guns. I have never been so insulted and I will never shop at Cabela's again.

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can't give refunds

For the last two weeks Cabela's maintains that because of their new computer software they cannot give refunds. I have been waiting for a credit of only $10 back to my credit card and after 7 phone calls to their customer service department and getting the same "our new computer system cannot give refunds at this time" I think everyone should be aware of this BEFORE ordering their Christmas gifts from them.

I ordered and was charged my Credit Card on Oct 27th 2010 and as of today Nov. 15th 2010 have not received a credit.

I asked them to send me a handwritten check since their Credit Card Refund system was down and they said we can't do it that way.

A complaint has also been submitted to BBB

Everyone should also be aware of their two tier Customer Service. The first 1-800 number you call is really not a Customer Service Department but rather order takers. They will eventually transfer your call to the REAL Customer Service Department. I should also mention they then have to call their "Credit Department" who does NOT talk to you.


Well I have always been very hesitant to purchase anything from Cabela's because I have always had a hard time swallowing the logic behind paying for somethings name. However I have heard that their stuff lasts. So against my better judgement I went ahead and ordered some waders online because I live in Colorado and I didn't want to drive 4 hours to Purchase them. So I placed my order and registered with them online so I could track my order. I then went and checked my bank account and they had withdrawn the money, which at that point wasn't a problem. well I went back and checked to see if they had received my order, however it didn't even show I had placed an order. I went ahead and gave them the until the next day so that they had some time to process the order. However when I went and checked the next day the order still had not been processed. So I called their order center and they informed me that their website was down for updates but my order would still be delivered on time. So I gave it a whole other day and checked and my order had now posted. Which was great news, until I looked at the date the order had been posted which was two days later. So Instead of the order being placed the day I ordered and being here three to six days later it had been placed two days later which meant three to six day from the date they placed the order. So I called customer service and they gave me the run around and then informed me that there was nothing they could do and they were sorry for my inconvenience. My biggest complaint is that why don't they post on their website that orders may be delayed during updates. I will never go back to Cabela's again for any of my outdoor needs again nor will I ever promote their company to any of my hunting buddies. Nor should you go to them if you want to get what you order when they say it will be delivered.

  • Al
    alreadytake Oct 27, 2010

    As someone who is employed by Cabela's; I can only say I am so sorry and totally understand your frustration. The following is not an excuse, but it is a further explanation of what happened to you (and many other cherished customers) during this process.

    Ironically; in an attempt to improve customer service, Cabela's has made an enormous investment in an upgraded system that is supposed to incorporate many customer services into one system and ultimately make service faster and more efficient. They have been phasing it in; using the previous system side by side with the new. Earlier this month; the total phase in was attempted, and unfortunately, it has experienced many challenges. This has caused the necessity for us to go "off-line" during long stretch's as IT folks worked literally round the clock . Despite thousands of employees best efforts to keep our service at high standards; this has caused enormous backlogs in orders; along with unanticipated tech. snafus on our website causing the kind of problems you experienced (systems telling us one thing; employee informing customer; but info ultimately incorrect or incomplete).

    As I said, your reaction to a poor experience is totally justified. But as just one employee in what I believe may not be a perfect; but still a great company...I want to assure everyone people are working in some cases 60 hours a week to remedy the backlog and technical problems; and we are all confident that with continued dedication our service will not only be good; it will be the industry standard. For those that understandably have been 'put off" recently, I can only say "sorry", thanks for your patience, your business...and we hope you give us another chance in the near future.

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Missleading the Consumer to get the Credit line they offer, , you make payments on time Every month, Not late, so you can accumulate points, when they review the account, the NEVER take into consideration your payment history only points by an outside credit agency.

Also the Points towards merchandise your suppose to get is Canceled when they cancel you.. obviousely they don't want to live up to what they Promiss the Ignorant consumer, they are out for themselve's to hell with the Consumer.

  • Ca
    Cabelas theft by deception Sep 10, 2011

    Absolutely the Trueth, , they Mislead you into getting the card, THEY KNOW YOUR CREDIT SCORE.. 720 is near perfect, but one point below, , you get dropped even after making payments ontime and in good standing the account is closed, and you forfit your points, , WELL THEY ROB YOU of them, , Theft by Deception, , what else is there to say about a company with so little morals?

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unauthorized price change

The salesman had a used outboard motor that he quoted me at $1200.00.
I asked him to hold it until I could drive the 60 miles to his store. He refused to do that. When I got to the store, without saying anything, he wrote up the bill of sale at $1295.00. He knew he was going to do that and that is why he didn't hold the item for me. I didn't notice it until I got home. When I called immediately, he said it was in the system at $1200, but yet he didn't tell me that. My bill of sale says special order item, therefore it was not in the system. These guys are all a bunch of liers.

scam - bad customer service

Don't do business with them. They offered a good deal online. Afther the purchase, they provided a...

flagrant violation of privacy rights

I recently wanted to exchange an item at Cabella's and was told that to do so requires them "swiping" my driver's license. I was appalled. So much for their 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no hassle return policy they brag about.

There was a lame excuse stated that it is needed to track returns. Well duh, can't they track returns by tracking returns ... not drivers' license numbers and personal demographics? I've never encountered such a policy ... to be treated like an illegal alien at a boarder crossing is insulting.

The only authorization Cabela's has to collect such information is with the sale of firearms. I believe collection of such information is unjustifiable.

This appears to be flagrant violation of allowed collection and use of private information as contained in a legal document. It's different than asking zip codes or telephone numbers. A DL is an official document of the state. What is Cabela's doing with this sensitive private information? Who are they selling it to? What privacy policy protect it? Furthermore, it's questionable whether they have a right to collect such information without an expressed written agreement such as what you get when applying for a credit card. What is to stop Cabela's from unfettered, unauthorized use of this information? How protected is it within the Cabela's database?

I've written the company, and received lame excuses to what I believe is a flagrant violation of privacy rights.

All shoppers at Cabela's should be aware of it and refuse to cooperate with what otherwise has always been an extremely customer friendly and responsive retailer.

  • Ja
    jackhammond Jun 10, 2011

    Cabela's also requires you present ID when you pick up an in store pickup order. So do liquor stores. If people didn't commit fraud, companies wouldn't have to try to prevent fraud. In response to original complaint, I learned Cabela's uses a third party service many retailers use to track returns, rather than paying employees to track it internally and pass that cost on to their customers. That service uses your driver's license. If you spend $100 a year, but are returning $500 a year, that software is going to decline your returns. You seem to suggest they should track it based on who you claim you are.

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awful quality product

We recently purchased a Model 669 meat slicer. It has fatal flaws. The screws attaching the food carriage lack a slot to place a tool while removing the nuts. (for cleaning purposes) And... the screws attaching the food dellector & rear blade guide are sheet metal screws ... (Should be standard threads... they fasten into "White Metal" ... Zinc+Manganese?? I had to use a Dremel* tool to CUT the nuts off.

cabela's customer service is pathetic

Bought a fairly expensive spotting scope on line. It's been 2 months and I still dont have it. I keep getting these very generic customer service responses by email but no one is actually trying to do anything for me. Ive been given 3 different dates as to when to expect my product and we are well past all 3 dates now. I am a manager in retail and in a situation like this we would go somewhere that had the product and bring it back to our store for the customer to purchase. It's obvious Cabela's is way behind the times in customer service. How hard is it really, to get me my spotting scope? To make a customer happy? Cabela's customer service is pathetic. I can honestly say they have lost a customer for life... Not that they care.

  • Sh
    Shopper is Gone Oct 26, 2013

    In the 1st week of September, 2013 I purchased a pair of German hiking shoes at Cabela's Richfield, WI location. The salesman explained to me to that I needed to buy these shoes 1/2 size smaller than normal as they would stretch and how Euro shoes are sized differently. I did so. Wore them for 4 hours in my home and they killed my feet. I packed them up and shipped them back the very next day. I paid $211.99 cash for these shoes and customer service who authorized the return stated that a corporate check would be issue within 30 days. Five weeks later I inquired about my refund I hadn't received. I went through 4 people in the Richfield store, nobody could find any record of the transaction. I had asked for a corporate phone number, eventually after several minutes on hold I explain the situation only to find out I was speaking to someone in a return dept. who offered no assistance. I called the corporate office after locating the phone number myself to only reach an operator who attempted to transfer my call to "Ken" five times after all I would get is a voicemail. I finally left Ken a message explaining. No return call. Two days later I attempt this feat again. Same operator at the corporate office who remembered me and to only reach Ken's and some woman's voicemail. I left both a message, no returned calls two days later. It was now nearly 6 weeks and I called and spoke to an Assistant Manager at the Richfield store named Wendy. Wendy went out of her way to be a great customer service rep. She called the corporate store and received everyone's voicemail as I did. She told me she'd work on it and get back to me the next day. She did, only to tell me she spoke to a Janine at the Corporate headquarters and state that she told her the refund was authorized on Sept. 15th. Wendy had asked if it was sent? She had told her she didn't know. She only had a check number. Wendy stated she'd call again and attempt to reach someone else if I called her the next day and hadn't received the check. I called Wendy who was off, spoke to a man named Chris who was familiar with the case. He told me that he would call Wendy and get back to me. Meanwhile I called the Corporate office again, asked the same operator for assistance on the matter and was transferred to Ken who amazingly answered his phone after the operator said she'd page him. He offered no apology for not returning my calls for the messages left on his voicemail, just proceeded to be condescending by telling me that Cabela's refund procedure is archaic and that is was revamped a year ago though is still archaic and is a massive paper trail. I told him that I wanted my refund and hung up on him after telling him to have a nice day. The guy was a complete jerk. Offered no solution as he could have cared less. Chris had called me back, told me that they are going to issue a refund from the Richfield store, overnight it to my home, and charge back the Corporate Office as this was terrible service and apologized. The next day I received the check that they paid $19.80 to send 85 miles. Chris had called and asked my wife that when we receive the corporate check would we please send it back to the Richfield store? If we receive the corporate check we intend to tear it up, tell them we never received it should they call and treat them how we were treated so they have no closure on this for months at a book keeping level. My family was a customer for years with cable's online. Never spend cash with these people. I spent more than 4 hours total attempting to get my refund their own policy states on the confirmation receipt I had received when they received the return is 30 days for a corporate check to be sent. Cabela's lost my family for life! Zappos everyone. They treat you like kings & queens, never had a problem, no questions asked with free returns. Besides, we've notice Cabela's has gone the way as so many have, cheap Chinese merchandise. Zappos is top notch.

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  • Ke
    keithkelin Jan 04, 2014

    Ordered a knife from them.
    Item arrived with a broken handle and when I tried to return it they sent it back and some warehouse worker sent along with it a print out of their policies with the part that read "we do not accept returns on items broken by customers" highlighted.
    As if they could have any idea who broke what.
    Terrible company.

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we always have had problems with cabela's credit card service and personal we talk to

We always have had problems with Cabela's Credit card service and personal we talk to. If we talk to a rep then we should not need a to send a letter. They will not give information about the paid account unless the husband calls even though the wife was placed on the account by the husband. They seperate the family values with their rules.

  • Kd
    kd7ptn May 03, 2012

    my complaint is they stopped me at the door, wouldn't let me shop with my 12 y/o lab/ golden mix companion. the gentleman at the door was rude about it. i find this interesting since I shop at other sporting good stores, home improvement stores where she comes with me. Does Cabelas hate dogs? dog owners? this is ridiculous!!! I will not shop at this highly over priced dog hating store. may i suggest a boycott from dog owners to also not shop/ patronize this outfit.

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  • Ok
    Okierider Dec 15, 2012

    Really?! It is called "Privacy act." They don't know if you are going through a horrible separation or what so, they can only talk to the account holder.

    I too like to take my dog into some stores but why get upset about it if they have a policy to not allow dogs? Maybe they have had a bad situation that caused this policy. if you owned a business do you think it right to let people dictate to you whether or not you allow pets?

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broken ultralight rods

We purchased three ultralight fishing rods over the the past two years. Last year one rod broke. Cabela's replaced that one. This year two more rods broke. I called Cabela's two days ago when asked I gave them my phone number I was disconnected. We have five ultralight fishing rods from various other rod manufacturers. Non of these other rods have broken in the past ten years. Cabela's sell defective rods and do not stand behind their product.

raised interest rate 4%+

After paying my Cabelas Visa on time and multiple times a month for 15 years, including my unemployment, they...

canceled credit account

I have been burned again and the last by Cabela's club visa. I was hit with the 0% interest thing my self. I also recieved a letter in the mail from them it read. Due to information obtained from your credit report we have decided to cancel your Cabela's credit card account. I haver contacted them and I got the old switch and drop phonr tag. I finally got to talk to someone long enough to ask a couple of questions. I got the same thing except this time he tells me that my Cabela's club points are no longer available to me. So I got my credit report and my score My credit had gone up the last three months. I have recieved items in the mail you are a good customer etc, etc, . Anyone can say anything they want about Cabelas and their worlds foremost bank They are no good rotten crooks and they will never get any of my business again, Bass Pro Shops are going to get the 7 or 8 thousand dollars a year I spend on outdoor equipment. Cabela's is the worst institution in the country. They are Liars and Cheats STAY AWAY FROM CABELA'S AND THEIR SINDICATE OF CROOKS I hope the bottom falls out of their Boat.
Reply with what you want THEY SUCK and I am out to tell the world just how bad they do..

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