Burlington Coat Factory / store # 00592 cincinnati, oh layaway pick up 11/14/17

New Jersey, US

Hello, My name is Tariah Andrews and I am an extremely loyal customer of Burlington coat factory. I spend tons of money with the chain. On 11/17/17 around 2:30 p.m I went to pick up my layaway from store # 00592. There were two lines open. When i approached the male cashier he informed me he did not know how to do layaway and would get someone that could. He was very nice. So he went outside and told the store manager valencia J. who was smoking. He informed me shell be with me. She finished and came in about 5 mins later. cool. She sent a young lady back to get my layaway and walked away. The young lady quickly brought my layaway box to the register, but didnt ring me out. She said shell be with you (referring to the store manager) So i literally wait 30 minutes and nothing. I asked the cashier when will she come, she informed me she knockef on the officr door and got no answer. I waited another 15 minutes!!! I then called corporate and filed a complaint while still waiting. I left went across the street to wendys and came back. I had to wait in line fine. Then when i get to the register the store manager tried to skip over me, but i informed her She knew i was before the lady on the other side. I explained everything to her and she didnt even apologize and the cashies cooperated my story. She didnt do anything she was rather non chalant and rude and I am just appalled. Im not a complainer, i entered the store at 2:30, my transaction didnt get completed to 4:22!!! I pray you all do the right thing! Signed a loyal and insulted customer. I attached a picture of me staring at my layaway box waiting to be rung up for 45 minutes!

Burlington Coat Factory

Nov 17, 2017

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