Burlington Coat Factory / burlington coat factory sucks

I have had a truly HORRENDOUS experience with the Virginia Beach store! If I could give negative stars, I would. I ordered a nursery dresser almost a month before my baby was due. They told me that it would take 6-12 weeks to come in, so I was prepared to not have anywhere to put baby clothes for a while. However, when the 12th week finally rolled around and I still hadn't heard from the store, I called to ask about it. The first response I got was, "It's here. We called you a month ago, but your phone wasn't working." I haven't had any problems with receiving calls or messages on my phone. Whatever. I asked how big the box was so that I could make sure it would fit in one of our vehicles to pick it up. Fifteen minutes later, the woman gets back on the phone to say that they can't find it, and they will call me back. I ask how they're going to call me back considering they had problems calling me in the first place, so she tells me to call if they haven't called back by 2PM. Surprisingly, the manager did call by 2PM, but explained that another woman ordered the same dresser 3 weeks after I ordered mine, and they sold it to her. (So they completely made up the fact that they had called me a month earlier and my phone wasn't working!) He offered a 25% discount, but said they didn't know when the other dresser would arrive. I thanked him for the discount, but clarified it shouldn't take any longer than another 3 weeks since they should have ordered a 2nd dresser when the other woman ordered hers, and he said that was correct. Well, now we're at a total of 15 weeks, and there is still no dresser and no projected time frame. The manager claims that he can't give me any more of a discount because 25% is the max. I ordered this dresser almost an entire month before my baby was born, and I will literally be off maternity leave by the time this dresser arrives, IF it even arrives! The Amish could have made a dresser faster! And it's not like it's coming already assembled, either! What kind of a company doesn't even get a manifest for their orders to be able to tell me if it's even coming? This is ridiculous on so many levels. BEWARE! Go elsewhere for all of your buying needs. I will certainly never order from Burlington Coat Factory again, and I'm thinking about just disputing my down-payment with my credit card and buying a dresser from Amazon or Wayfair. Either place would have one to me within a week!

Feb 23, 2015

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