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Burger King - Shreveport, ON Mansfield / making food without wearing gloves

1 United States

My friend took a trip to shreveport and went to a burger king (on mansfield). As she was placing her order and noticed that the dude on the assembly line didn't have on any gloves. She asked the cashier to tell him to put some gloves on while he made her sandwich, he came around the counter and asked (in an unfriendly manner) who wanted him to put the gloves on. My friend told him that it was her and he straight up told her that he was skippin her and proceeded to take her boyfriend's order. When they said that they were together, he said oh, okay so what ya'll want on the burger? After they told him he told them no he wasn't making em' and if they wanted the burgers, to come back there and make it themselves and that he didn't have to wear any damn gloves if he didn't want to because he washes his hands 3 times a day. Then my friend asked for the manager.she basically said the same thing. That the policy said that the employees didn't have to wear gloves (while fixing food) if they didn't want toas long as they washed their hands 3 a day and that her employee was doing his job correctly and didn't have to wear gloves if he didn't want to.

Now, i've worked in food service and i know that that was a crock of bull. How the hell u gonna make somebody food without wearing gloves? To make it worse, she called headquarters and they told her the same damn thing.


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