Burger Kingservice complaint/ stolen money

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Hello my name is Brandie Brown and I just went to your Burger King Store 06/7/18 @ 1045pm in Baltimore Maryland, on Washington BLVD and I was treated poorly in the drive through by the Cashier, I asked her to give me a second and she said under her breath oh she wants a second wow. Then I proceeded to the window and as I have her my money she never gave me change and I have her a 20$ Bill and I had a whopper meal oinion rings add bacon no tomato no pickle, and it was a medium it came to 9$ and some change but she never gave me my change from the 20$ and closed her drawer and go smart about onion ring sauce in the bag. I called the store a number of 9 times and no one answered as I tried to obtain my change. She never gave me a receipt either. What can be done about my Money because they are not answering or responding.

Jun 07, 2018
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